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Dabble - A Fun Way to Build Language and Thinking Skills - #WlN a Copy Here! @DabbleGames

Dabble  11

Dabble:  The Fast Thinking Word Game
  • A Word Game For Ages 10 and Up
  • 2-4 Players
  • Played in 5 Minute Rounds
  • Award Winning (Dr. Toy, Parent's Choice, PAL and more!)
  • Also Available as an App For iPhone, iPad or Android Products
  • Easy to Tweak for Younger Children
  • Suggested Retail Price $24.99
  • Available for Purchase Through Amazon, and at Select Retail Locations
  • Visit the Dabble Website,

Dabble Game and Apps

If you read my blog regularly, you know I love games.  Especially word games.  But have you ever played a word game with the guy who takes forever to make his move?  Zzzzz.  My enthusiasm wanes, quickly.

I also like games that add a little bit of challenge to the fun.  Around here, super easy games get tucked away quickly in favor of more engaging choices.

So, now that you have that information, let me tell you about the word game, Dabble. Oh, how I love Dabble!  It is easy to set up and put away, and it's a quick moving game,too.  All the players are going at the same time, and a round only lasts five minutes.

The game includes:
  • 142 tiles (plus 6 special Spanish tiles)
  • 4 Five Tier, Stadium Style Word Racks
  • A Five Minute Sand Timer
  • A Tile Bag
  • The Rules, in English, and Spanish

Let the Fun begin!

1.  First, players decide how long they want the game to last.  (either by point value, or number of rounds played)  Letter tiles are placed in a bag, or face down in the middle of the table.  The bag is preferable, but doesn't work as well for a blog post photo.  =)

Each participant gets a stand and 20 tiles

The tiles face remain face down until everyone is ready.

Dabble  (7)
2.  The five minute timer is turned over and a round begins.  Each player turns his tiles to face upward, and then must use them to make one two letter word, one three letter word, a four letter word, a five letter word, and a six letter word.

Dabble  (9)
3.  As you can see in the photo above, I was stuck for a six letter word.  I had to wait for the timer to stop before I could do anything else.

If the round ends and nobody has all five words, each player can do a letter exchange.  Unwanted letters are put back into the bag,the bag is shaken, and new letters are drawn.

If somebody DID have all their words completed, they would get the number points of all of the unused tiles which the unfinished players had left over, added together.

Here are some of our completed masterpieces.  Boy One:

Dabble  (4)
Boy Two:  (yep, all boy)

Dabble  (2)

And here you can see how I finished the one as I used as an example above:

Dabble  (10)
There are blank space tiles included, as well as these for Spanish speaking players to use.

Dabble  (5)
The boys love the game, and so do I!  It moves quickly, and it's fun!   The boys had to learn a few tricks before they got good at it, but once they got the hang of the game, they were unstoppable.

Here's the good part... it's more than just fun!
Dabble is a wonderful tool that's helping students succeed! It enhances learning and reading at all levels and is ideal for building vocabulary, spelling and quick-thinking skills.
We aren't the only ones who think this game is amazing.  Take a look at all of these awards!

Dabble Awards

There is also a Dabble App!

Dabble App (1)

It should come with an addiction warning!  Here are some screen shots from one of my games.

Arrange the tiles while a timer ticks down.  Words are verified, and scores calculated.

Dabble App (3)
If you do well, it will tell you!  This is what the app told me after that game.

Dabble App (2)
The app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, as well as Nook and Android devices.  Oh, an there is a Facebook App as well!

Once you play, you'll be a huge fan, and you'll want to like Dabble on Facebook, and DabbleGame on Twitter.

The good and generous people at Dabble are allowing me to host a giveaway.  The winner will win the board game, and then I will draw two runners up, who will each get a free copy of the game app.

So who wants to win?  I've created this easy RaffleCopter form for you to use, but be sure to provide whatever information is needed to verify your entry!

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This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older and will close at 12:01 AM EST on April 16th.  Winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter, notified by email, and will have 48 hours to respond.  No purchase is necessary to win.  Void where prohibited.

Facebook does not endorse or sponsor this giveaway nor are they affiliated with this blog or these products

Good luck!!

I was given a copy of this game, and the app, so that I could write an informed, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post,and my opinions are genuine.