Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mattel is On a Quest to bring the Power of Play to All Kids - @Mattel #PowerOfPlay

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A sad thing is happening all across the country.  There are children who don't know how to play.  In schools that still have a recess period, many children say it is the part of the day that they dread.

How did such a thing happen?  Well, there are many reasons, but perhaps the biggest change is that today's kids don't get to do what I did.  I left the house in the morning, and played outside all day.  If I wanted to get along with the other children in the neighborhood I had to learn the social norms, the games, and the rules.

Many of today's kids are spending the day in daycare centers, or using their free time passively, in front of digital entertainment.  Play is such an important part of development - but often times the first real exposure to group games is a stressful one.  It happens in a new place, with other children who they haven't learned to trust.  The playground can become so intimidating that many kids completely avoid the games and miss out on the fun.

Mattel has partnered with PlayWorks in a quest to bring the Power of Play to all kids.

Mattel Mission

The goal of the program is to remove the barriers to healthy play that many kids face.
  • Over Scheduled Lives
  • No Safe Places to Play
  • A Lack of Tools and Equipment
  • A Shortage of Advocates to Keep Play Fair
The partnership is a great idea, but of course, all good learning has to be reinforced at home.  To help parents, they have created this FREE downloadable coloring sheet that lists and depicts some excellent tools for play.

Mattel Coloring Sheet
The tips are very easy for children to understand, and are great tools for navigating the playground.

  1. Invite Everyone to Join the Game.
  2. Teach Everyone the Rules BEFORE the Game Begins.  
  3. DON'T CHOOSE SIDES!  Instead, Use a 1,2,1,2 System or Something Similar.
  4. Encourage Each Other!   A High Five or a "Good Game" Can Go a Long Way!
  5. Have a Plan For Conflict Resolution, and Give Children Some Easy Way to Solve Disagreements.  (i.e. Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Nicely done, Mattel and PlayWorks!  I know many children will benefit from this program, just as they do from the many other philanthropic programs Mattel sponsors.


As a MomSelect Blogger, I was invited to share this promotional information with you.  My kids will get some Mattel Toys in exchange for my honest, blogged opinion of the program.