Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet the BANANAGRAMS® Family! @Bananagrams

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What are Bananagrams?
  • Fun Games For the Whole Family
  • Use Tiles and Build Word Grids (Except Fruitominoes)
  • Clever Fruit Themes and Fruit Inspired Packaging
  • Portable, Fast Paced Fun For at Home or On the Go 
  • Replacement Tiles are Always Available
  • Affordably Priced - All Games have an MSRP below $20
  • Family Created and Operated
  • Visit to Purchase, or Visit Your Retail Location

Below is a Family Portrait of the Banangrams Siblings
Bananagrams Games
Let me introduce them to you one by one.
BANANAGRAMS® (SRP: $14.95), became wildly popular after being named Toy Fair 2009’s “Game of the Year”.  It is a fast and fun anagram game that earned it's name when the anagrams were driving the creators "Bananas"!

Everything you need to play is in the small portable banana shaped pouch.  No pencils, no paper, no board.  Just set up and play!  The game is great fun for kids from 7 – 97 years-old, either at home or on the go. Created by three generations of a word game-obsessed family, Bananagrams is a labor of love that that has quickly become an international phenomenon.

Watch how it's played:

Bananagrams is also available online as a free Facebook Application or as an App on the iPad™, iPhone™ and iPod Touch™.  There is also a series of books, and a page a day calendar.

To meet their ever growing popularity, Bananagrams recently launched in Spanish, Hebrew, French, Italian, Norwegian and German as well as in a larger version – DOUBLE Bananagrams, the big banana for the larger bunch (for 16+ players)!

Banagrams 01

PAIRS in PEARS® (SRP: $16.95) is also a word construction game.  Younger children can play this one which is suggested for ages six and up.

To play, divide up the tiles and then quickly make pairs of connecting words in matching patterns.

PAIRSinPEARS comes in a pear-shaped cloth pouch.  Inside you will find four full alphabet sets- notice in the photo that there are four distinct designs. (I've set one of each pattern in front of the pile) I love that this game provides a fun way for children to develop memory and cognitive skills while learning the alphabet, pattern recognition, vowels, vocabulary, rhyming and more.
  Pairs in Pears

Appletters® (SRP: $16.95) was originally designed with younger players in mind - but once I held these well made tiles, I sure wanted to play!  Made of a heavier weight, and with a smooth, ivory like feel, everybody wants to get their hands on them.  The apple carrying case is adorable, too. The original game is played by taking turns using letter tiles to build a crossword style grid.

Now the game features two more variations to challenge adults.  APPLE TURNOVER™  and APPLESCORE™ provide fun for the older word lovers.  Vary the game with palindromes and semi-palindromes. This is a shot of the original game play.
  Appletters Game

Fruitominoes® (SRP: $12.95), is for players ages five and up, and features 28 beautifully crafted dominoes in a compact pouch. It’s a fresh, fruity and colorful twist to the classic game of dominoes.

The photo below shows the colorful designs, and the ease of play.  This game has a rectangular zip up carry case with a handle to make it easy to take along wherever you go.
  Fruitominoes Game

ZIP-IT® (SRP: $ 14.95) is a super fun, face paced two-player crossword race.  A round goes so quickly it can be played almost anytime, anywhere in as little as 20 seconds. Designed for players ages seven and up, Zip-It comes with 24 high-quality letter cubes with letters on all sides.  They are packaged in this clever cloth pouch with has two scoring zippers. The cubes are divided evenly amongst two players.  The first person to use every one of his twelve cubes in a crossword grid wins the round.

Every time a player wins a round, they move the zipper up one place on the scoring scale.  The photo below was snapped when the game was 3-2. Also included is that little Yellow book, which is a has unusual, short words in it.  It can certainly be helpful if one is left with one cube and no idea where to put it! It's really fun, and somewhat addicting.  It goes so quickly that we say "one more" quite frequently!  The ability to play compactly on an airplane or train tray make ZIP-IT the ultimate travel game.
  ZipIt Game
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In order to write an informed blogged post about these games, I was given a set to use with my family.  I was not paid ot write this post, and my opinions are genuine.