Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tranquil Turtle™ Brings Gentle Slumber @Cloud_b #Parenting

Tranquil turtle
Tranquil Turtle™ by Cloud b
  • From Cloud b – The Makers of the Twilight Turtle, Sleep Sheep, and Other Gentle, Soothing Products for Little Ones
  • After a 2012 Toy Fair Debut – Tranquil Turtle was Released for Sale this Week
  • Combined Underwater Light Effect, Gentle Wave Motion, and Soothing Sounds Transform a room into a Seaside Oasis
  • These Soothing Effects Help Little Ones Sleep Soundly Through the Night
  • An Illustrated Storybook, Adoption Certificate and Endangered Sea Animals Guide Will be Included with Purchase
  • Suggested Retail Price is $45.00
  • See the Other Cloud b Products at

coud b
For many children, night time is difficult.  The transition to sleep, and the separation from parents can produce a wide range of reactions.  Whether a child has mild anxiety, outright temper tantrums, or anything in between, parents throughout the ages have sought our ways to soothe their children into peaceful slumber. 
Cloud b has been the answer to the needs of many families over the years.  Their award winning products have been helping children of all ages get the sleep they need for healthy development.

Beautifully made from quality materials, they look lovely even when they aren’t in use.

Visit the website to see all the products.  You’ll love the snug rugs, plush pillows, and sound and light toys.
The Twilight line and the Sleep Sheep were my favorites.

cloud b 04

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This post is written to share information with my readers.  I was not paid to write it, and I did not receive or review this product.  I just think it's super cute, and want you to see it, too.  :)