Thursday, April 19, 2012

Camp - A Board Game That's Fun For the Whole Family! @campgames

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Camp - A Game That Grows With Your Kids
  • Fun for the Whole Family!  
  • 2-8 Players can Join In
  • Suitable For Ages 4 and Up - (Game Piece Stands are the only Small Parts)
  • Winner of the Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products
  • Suggested Retail Price is 24.99
  • The Game Can Be Played in Less Than 30 Minutes
  • Easy to Set up and to Put Away
  • Offered From Education Outdoors (
  • Free Coloring Pages Available for Download
  • Both Children and Adults Can Learn New Facts While Having Fun

Camp is a board game created by Education Outdoors.  Here you see everything you'll need to play, except for the instruction manual. 
  • There is a Game Board, 
  • 199 Game Cards With Questions and Facts
  • 400 Questions and 99 Fun Facts are Included
  • A Decoder is Used to Read The Answers 
  • Choose From 8 Game Characters
  • The Large, Red Game Die is Hard to Lose, and Not Likely to be Swallowed
  • 16 Cards to Choose Difficulty Level 1, 2, 3, or 4
  •  1 Compass Card

We are a homeschooling family, and we love any chance to make learning fun.  I love this game, Camp because it's a great way to teach kids about the outdoors if you don't have the opportunity for camping or fishing in your real life.

As you can see in the photo of a game card above, the game is designed so that everyone can play. Preschoolers, senior citizens, and everyone in between can pull up a chair, pick a character and expect to receive questions appropriate for their knowledge base.

The easy "Tenderfoot" questions are for the little ones.  The trivia gets progressively harder with each level. "Nature Enthusiast" (the fourth) being the most challenging. The questions, which are are all related to forestry and wildlife, are designed to challenge and increase the knowledge of every member of the family.

To play, each person chooses their game piece and a card with the number to signify the difficulty  level they feel is appropriate.  Starting on a stump seat around the campfire, players take turns rolling the die to move around the board.

When landing on the green footed spaces, players  are given a trivia question that corresponds with their chosen skill level. If the correct answer is given, the player rolls again. If they miss the answer, then the play moves around the table.

Look at the photo above.. That little cabin pictured is the Camp Clubhouse.  You'll also see the space marked "Go to Camp Clubhouse", too.  Those spaces are located throughout the path to the finish, and if you land on one, you must send your piece to the Clubhouse and read a "fun fact" card.

The "Compass" card can be seen in the photo above.  Did you notice that the question card beside it has a compass on it?  If a player answers a compass card question correctly, they get to hold the card.  It grants them access to a shortcut to the finish.  The compass card is taken away if another player answers a compass question correctly.

If Summer Camp isn't in your budget this year, why not bring camp into your living room?  The game plays quickly, it's fun, and it's filled with interesting facts!  It's also really fun to use the decoder gadget to uncover the answer.  You can see "Dude One" use it in the video. It's just red plastic, but when it's held over the card, it reveals a blue answer.  No batteries required!

If you think this game sounds fun, you might also be interested in the company's other games, too, like "Fishing Camp", "S'Mores" and others. There are also some free coloring pages available on the website.

Tim Paczesny (the game creator) is an avid outdoorsman.  He grew up at his family’s log cabin resort in Northern Michigan. As an adult with children of his own, Tim wanted to create a way to share his knowledge of the outdoors with his children and his “city” friends. He came up with the idea of creating games that would be able to teach families about the outdoors through trivia questions and fun facts. For more information, please visit the website at  You can also follow on Twitter or "like" the games on Facebook.


Education Outdoors kindly sent us a game to try at home so that I could write an honest, blogged review.  Regardless, My opinions are genuine, and I am not paid to write blog pots.