Saturday, April 21, 2012

Drowning in Awareness, While Blissfully Unaware

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On Thursday, my monthly piece for Homeschool Mosaics was posted.   My column there is called Teachable Moments.

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This particular moment was the one where I realized that although I was donating, and I had all the bracelets, stickers, magnets, and lapel pins that signified my "awareness", I wasn't teaching my kids WHY we were donating, or wearing bracelets, or liking Facebook pages.  I also hadn't been paying attention to what was being passed off as "awareness".

I have some new guidelines now.  If the kids are going to wear a bracelet, they need to know:

Where was our money going once we donated to a charity or cause?

Who are the faces that represent the pink, purple, red, etc. ?

Are we honoring the people who we are supposed to be helping?

If they wear the band of silicone, they need to be able to explain why.

I'll still have these:

autism awareness


However - I'll also be sure that I'm providing my kids with some age appropriate information, and finding ways to put our awareness into action.