Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GoGo’s Crazy Bones is Now Available for DS- Go Go Crazy!

gogos crazy bones 01

GoGo's Crazy Bones for DS
  • Games Based on the Fun, Collectable Toys
  • Five Worlds With Five Levels on Each One
  • Four Different Ways to Play
  • Unique GoGos to Collect and Trade
  • Create Up to Three Profiles
  • Rated E - For Everyone - With Some Comic Mischief
  • From Game Mill Entertainment and Black Lantern Studios
  • Suggested Retail Price $29.99
  • Requires Nintendo DS, DSi or 3DS
gogos crazy bones 02

Do your kids like GoGo Crazy bones?  They are cute little collectable figures based on an ancient greek game called Astragals.  They have become quite popular since they are great for building collections, trading with friends, and creative, imaginative play.

As with all good toys, it now has a branded DS game in it's honor.

This is a great choice for GoGo's fans, because the game varies, and there are figures to collect in each level.

The GoGo's also have special abilities like speed or spin.  the powers are determined by the color.  Red guys have boost, yellows can curve, and so on.

The player can play in Battle, Knock Out, Basket or Scoring  Mode.

gogos crazy bones screenshots 01
Battle is a launch mode, where the GoGo is launched at a formation of enemies and defeats them by knocking them down.

Knock Out is also a launch game, but the object is to score points by knocking the enemy out of a certain area.

Basket mode requires the launched GoGos to land in a basket to score.  There are gold, silver and bronze baskets which determine the point values.

Scoring mode is funny.  The GoGos are launched and point are awarded for how the land.  On their feet is best, and on their head scores less.  Lying down earns the least amount of points.

gogos crazy bones screenshots 02
Once the world, game and mode are chosen and played out, the game will award a star rating based on the game play.  Earning stars unlocks more GoGos.

To move on to the next level a star must be earned.  To unlock a new world, earn 25.

The game is fun, and not too difficult.  Because of the many levels, it will provide hours of entertainment, too.  I like that it has 3 profile choices, so more than one child can have a profile, or, after having collected all the figures, the player can begin again without having to erase the progress and lose the toys in the completed game.

You'll find GoGo's Crazy bones for DS in your favorite video game retail stores, like GameStop, ToysRUs, Target and Walmart.  Online retailers should have it, too.

Have fun!
In order to write an informed, blogged review, I was sent a promotional copy of the game.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are my own.