Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Help Patrick Dempsey Create The Peloton Film - An Inspiring Documentary @ThePelotonFilm

Laura Davis is an incredible woman. This beautiful, successful, and intelligent lady is also a four-time cancer survivor – but she certainly hasn’t let that slow her down. She is the President of a successful advertising firm. That alone is very impressive – but in her free time (smile) she hopes to help produce a documentary film called The Peloton Film.

This is no small feat, and she would be working with some names you might recognize. Her Director is Ramsey Tripp, and the Executive Producer is Patrick Dempsey... Yes! That Patrick Dempsey! To many of you, "McDreamy" from Grey's Anatomy, but I personally loved him best as Ronald in Can’t Buy Me Love.

Here is a photo of Patrick and Laura together.

Patrick Dempsey with Laura

The Peloton Project movie will follow nearly 40 cyclists  on a 2,500 mile ride from Alberta, Calgary, Canada to Lewiston, Maine where they will participate in the Dempsey Challenge. Cyclists will complete the ride in just 10 days, cycling relay-style day and night.  

The Dempsey Challenge

I can’t even imagine the endurance such a ride would take, but this documentary is much more than just a cycling event.
Woven throughout the team's journey across North America will be stories of cancer survivors, caregivers, and of a patient just diagnosed. Cyclists will be paired up with these "cancer warriors" and will be riding in their honor. Along the route, the cyclists and survivors will have the chance to correspond via video chats, which will be broadcast on the film's website: thepelotonfilm.com . The finish line to the film is the starting line for the Dempsey Challenge where the cyclists and warriors will meet in person for the first time. It's sure to be an amazing journey and could be just the inspiration a cancer patient needs to give them the strength to get through their battle. Director Ramsey Tripp may have said it best when he said this documentary will share the stories of "real people with incredible stories told about their humble lives, challenges, and a commitment to move forward-sometimes charging, sometimes crawling, but finding the strength to advance."
Peloton project 01
It is going to be a great film, and a blessing to many, I know this already – but -(there’s always a but.. isn’t there?)  The documentary needs funding. 

They've launched a Kickstarter project to raise $20,000. The budget for the film will actually add up to more than $600,000, this grassroots effort is a way to demonstrate to potential corporate sponsors that they have a lot of people supporting this film.

Anyone can back the film at any amount that is comfortable for them...even $1!   So - If all of my readers contributed a dollar, they’d already have almost $3,000!  Imagine if they gave up a latte and donated 5?  We can do something special AND say we helped support a film alongside Patrick Dempsey! Cool, huh?!

The catch with Kickstarter, though, is that no money changes hands unless the project reaches its goal – and the Dempsey Project is almost there!  They only need less than $4,000 by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 6 to make this film a reality.  Otherwise, they don't get a penny.

I’m thinking, my readers alone could get this done.   I’d love to know some of you helped.  If you can’t donate, could spread the word by linking and tweeting to this post?

Here's what you could do, if you're willing:
1. Check out this link to learn more about the project: www.thepelotonfilm.com (click on the Kickstarter link to see recent updates, as well as recent media coverage of the film)
2. Share this post, or post about the project on your blog, too!
3. Share the post on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc. (be sure to tag The Peloton Film on Facebook or tweet to @thepelotonfilm on Twitter and use hashtag #pelotonfilm). Please include the link to the Kickstarter page.
4. Encourage action from your friends or readers, too!
  • Ask them to check out the Kickstarter page and backing the project if they can (even $1 will help)
  • Anyone can share the Kickstarter page on Facebook, Twitter, their blog if they have one, etc. 
  • Let’s all like The Peloton Film on Facebook
  • If you Tweet, Consider Following @thepelotonfilm on Twitter
  • Emailing your friends about the project, would be great, too.
They are so close to their goal, and time is ticking.   I hope we can spread the word and get the project started.