Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kidz b Kidz: Art That Raises Money for Pediatric Medical Research

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Kidz b Kidz: Art That Raises Money for Pediatric Medical Research 

Nancy Corderman and Jan Weinshanker had been working together for fifteen years.  During that time, Jan battled cancer, and Nancy's children were both diagnosed with hearing loss which required ongoing outpatient treatment at Children's Hospital Boston.

Both women felt a shift in their lives, and both wanted to do something to help others.  Their time in and around the hospital left them especially empathic toward the children battling cancer in the oncology units.  Their non profit organization, Kidz b Kidz was just the right fit.

Kidz b Kidz helps both healthy and sick children.  Kids get together for art parties.  After a short presentation, they get to work creating their own masterpieces.  The work is scanned and uploaded to the website where they can make their own Tee Shirts with their own design.  Some of the work is even chosen to be used on the KbK store items.  The money raised from the sale of the items is then donated to pediatric cancer research.

The healthy children learn about helping others, and making a difference one small step at a time. It also unlocks their creativity, fosters charitable thinking and heightens sensitivity and awareness about what families with sick children are going though.  The sick children have had their hospital brightened with the Kidz b Kidz product, and they know that they have people who care about them.

Learn more about Kidz b Kidz by visiting the website where you can also book your own party, and don't forget to follow on Twitter or "like" them on Facebook

The ladies just had a wonderful article written about them, and their work with Kidz b Kidz.  It can be seen in the May 2012 edition of Family Circle Magazine.  Click this link to read the article.

In the photo below, Nancy and Jan show off some beautiful Kidz b Kidz products.

kidz b kidz founders
Photo by Margaret Lampert
Nancy and Jan describe their organization this way: Kids helping kids, one masterpiece at a time.  Their mission is to teach children empathy and charitble giving through their nationwide art party program.  They go on to say this:
Kidz b Kidz is a nonprofit organization powered by kids and mentored by adults. We teach children about empathy and the importance of helping others, and encourage them to find ways to use their artful hands and generous spirits to do good in the world. Kidz b Kidz inspires kids to create heartfelt artwork that is used in products sold to foster healing and comfort in a child's hospital experience and to support medical research. We promote charity awareness, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship and weave it into the fabric of children's lives.
All proceeds from the sale of Kidz b Kidz products goes to researching cures for pediatric cancer.  
I love knowing that there are still  people who want to make the world a better place.   Nancy and Jan are doing just that.