Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Odds and Ends


First, I want to thank Grace, who blogs at Blessed Elements.  She has been running featured posts during Autism Awareness Month.  I love when people put good ideas into action!  I was so glad when she asked me to take part.  

 Also, if you missed my post with some of my revelations about awareness - and what happened when a "Save Second Base" bracelet arrived in our house. it is published on the Homeschool Mosaics site this week.

Message Bracelets

Which reminds me - Don't forget the Homeschool Mosaics giveaway for an educational/mission trip to Italy!  It's a great opportunity to travel and to do some good works.


I have some reviews and a few with giveaways coming soon, so keep an eye on my giveaways page.