Friday, May 25, 2012

Cowgirls *n'* Angels - Opens Today (5/25) in Select Theaters

Cowgirls and Angels 01

Cowgirls *n'* Angels
  • Written and Directed by Timothy Armstrong
  • Starring James Cromwell, Bailee Madison, Jackson Rathbone and Alicia Witt
  • Rated PG - (Mild Language, Thematic Elements)
  • About 1 Hour 40 Minutes Duration
  • Genre - Family (older children)
  • Story Available in eBook Form for all Devices
  • Soundtrack Available for mp3 Download
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Cowgirls and Angels 03

This is the story of Ida. She is an imp of a young girl, always getting into some sort of trouble - but her sweet smile, and her feisty personality seem to get her out of even the thoughts scrapes.

Ida's biggest problem is that she thinks she needs to find her father in order to be happy.  Unfortunately, her father, who happens to be a rodeo rider, broke up with, and left Ida's mother without ever knowing about Ida.   With only a first name, and a lot of determination this little girl is on a mission to track him down.  

On her quest, she meets a team of female trick riders who call themselves the Sweethearts of the Rodeo.  Ida joins the Sweethearts and their mentor, former rodeo star Terrance Parker.   They set out on a tour of rodeos throughout the west. 

Ida's goal is to find her father, but instead, she finds friendship, the love she has been withholding from her mother, and a true talent for riding!
There are a few stories that are woven through the main plot, which are also interesting.

Cowgirls and Angels 02

The movie is well cast, and viewers will enjoy seeing the familiar faces.  There is a country music soundtrack which goes well with the story.

I think this is suitable viewing for families with older children.  There will be great discussion topics such as love, redemption, fresh starts, and holding on to faith even when the chips are down.

Things that may be of concern to parents include Ida being born out of wedlock, and a young girl who has had some trouble and spent time in a juvenile detention center, but turns her life around.  Ida is a latch key kid, and her mother dates, so she gets left at home alone sometimes.  She also tells some pretty big lies which serve to get her into some trouble.  There is a scene where two young adults in their early twenties are drinking a beer, but not intoxicated, and the couple kiss a couple of times, too, but it is sweet, and not risque.

There are a few plot twists on the way to the happy ending - but the final result should be smiles, all around.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the show which opens in select theaters today, May 25th, 2012.


In order to write a blogged review, I was granted an online viewing of the show before its release.  I was not paid, and I always provide my honest opinions.