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Eat to Win - A Fun Game Promotes Healthy Eating, Helps Prevent Childhood Obesity

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Eat to Win - Interactive, Healthy Fun!
  • A game for 2-6 players
  • Fun for ages 6 and up
  • Players learn nutrition facts
  • Suggested retail price $24.99
  • Made in the USA
  • A game takes about 30 minutes
  • Visit to order
The game Eat to Win is not just a lot of fun, it's a great way to teach some basic nutrition facts to kids. You'll also get the family up and moving, and most likely laughing, too!

Like most board games, the object is to move around the board, and get to the finish. The twist here is that along the way, players move through areas, land on spaces, and the values match up with calorie counts! If the space is a positive action, like exercise, earn the calories burned in cash! Land on a lazy space, or an unhealthy food choice and you'll pay for each calorie gained.

    Eat to Win (3)

    The Game Includes: 
    • 40 Do It Activity Cards 
    • 40 Eat It Trivia Cards
    • 20 Challenge Cards
    • 6 Mover pieces
    • Game Board
    • Player Guide
    • 30 Food Tokens
    • Fun Money
    • Custom Tray
    • 1 Die
    Fun Interactive Board Game where YOU become the game piece! Land in the Banana Split Pit or Chocolate Lava Fountain and... it will cost you! Every Food space is equal to the average number of calories for that item! Have fun traveling through our four fun parks and earning extra bucks! Don't be a couch potato! Nonstop laughter when you or your opponent land on one of our Do IT spaces around the board! You never know what silly dance or activity you may end up doing! Challenges...Trivia ...Entertainment... for the entire family! A game where you get up and move and have so much fun you won't even realize you're learning! Recommended for ages 6-13, but fun for the whole family!
    Eat to Win (2)

    Once the game is set up and play is moving, there are different cards involved in the play.  A "DO IT" card will have instructions for a fun or crazy activity.  Sometimes, everyone at the table gets in on the action, too.  There is a fine for not participating.   "CHALLENGE CARDS" have questions pertaining to health and diet.  Once the card is drawn, the player will challenge another to answer correctly.  If the answer is indeed correct, both players earn, if the answer is wrong, the bank gets $200.  The "EAT IT" cards also have questions.  If answered correctly, money is earned, and the food plate gets filled by way of tokens.  The player who fills the plate gets a prize, too!

    Here are some of the cards:

    Eat to Win Cards

    Do It - Run in Place While singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm".
    Challenge - Which food is considered a protein - peanut butter, or apples?
    Eat it cards are like the challenges, only instead of challenging another player, another player will ask you.

    There is also a snack version of the game, which involves choosing a healthy snack with proper Eat It answers.

    We think the game is lots of fun, and my boys have been remembering may of the calorie counts, too!

    I would also like to tell you about Eat to Win – The Weight Loss Version

    Eat to Win weight loss

    This is a great tool for anyone with a child (or children) fighting childhood obesity.  It's really quite brilliant.  A child will get a days worth of calories in his wallet, (1 calorie =$1) each morning.  Food has to paid for with the fun money.

    Paying for food with dollars gives kids something tangible to consider.  Rather than thinking of nebulous calories, which don't mean nearly as much, children are given something to put their hands on, and a reason to think.  By comparing and contrasting calorie counts, and budgeting their dollars, children learn better food choices.  Exercise will earn extra dollars for snacking.

    eat to win weight loss wallet

    Also made in the USA, this game contains:
    • 1 Eat to Win Wallet
    • Eat to Win Fun Money
    • A Magnetic Wipe off Food Tracker
    • 1 Dry Erase Pen
    • 1 Register Pad
    • A Food and Exercise Companion
    • A Wallet Card
    The suggest retail price of this game is $19.99

    For adults, there is an app in development.  It will retail for $2.99 when it is released.

    Eat to win app

    I think these games are a great way to get kids thinking about their food choices, and to promote healthy eating.

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    In order to write an informed blogged review, I was provided with Eat to Win Games.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are genuine.