Friday, June 15, 2012

Kaijudo, Rise of the Duel Masters on The Hub @HubTVNetwork


Kaijudo - Rise of the Duel Masters
  • Saturdays at 8PM ET / 5PM PT
  • Playing on The Hub Network
  • Produced by Hasbro Studios
  • Episodes are 30 minutes (22 content, 8 commercial)
  • Rated TV-Y7 for Cartoon Violence
  • Good vs Evil With the Fate of Worlds at Stake
  • Learn More by Visiting the Hub Website
There is a new show on the Hub Network that seems like it was made just for my boys.  It is called Kaijudo, and it has a little bit of quite a few of their favorite things.  The cartoon sets up a good vs evil scenario involving this world and another dimension.  It has some familiar and well loved elements often seen in this genre of show combined with fresh new ideas.  The kids really like it.

Our hero is Ray.  He and two friends, Allie and Gabe are recruited to train as Kaijudo Duel Masters.  This is a secret society who need to find and protect special creatures from an evil sect called the Choten.  

The Heroes: Ray, Gabe and Allie, with Bob, Squeaky and Gargle

The main bad guy is "The Choten".  He is a tech wizard, who also knows a little bit of magic.  Like all bad guys, he has minions.  They are quite busy trying to capture all of the creatures. Their plan is to use the powers they possess in order to break "the veil" that separates the dimensions and then gain control of both worlds.

The Choten, Aqua Seneschal, his lieutenant, an evil creature, and  a Choten minion
We were sent a preview copy of some of the episodes, along with some fun promotional items from our friends at Mommy Parties.

Mommy Parties

My sons loved the Ninja style headbands with the Kaijudo logos, and a promotional poster is signed by the shows creators.

We watched a DVD with a recap of the premiere, and two full length episodes.

The hub

Both boys are looking forward to Saturday night to see the next episode!

To find out more about this new television show, visit the hub website.  They have bios for the heroes and villains, videos, interactive polls, and information about the duel masters and their creatures.

Visit the Kaijudo website ( to play an online Kaijudo themed game, visit "the dojo" or to learn about companion products.  Currently, Battle Deck cards are available, and there are also free screensaver downloads.

Thanks so much, Mommy Parties, for this great opportunity!