Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snipe Hunt - A Fun Hide and Seek Game from Education Outdoors @CampGames

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Studies show that the average child spends more than 20 hours each week watching television.  (that's a part time job!)  This passive behavior, where kids sit and receive the entertainment can make them less likely to get up and create their own fun. 

Another problem young people today face is that they don't have unstructured outdoor play.  I was lucky.  Summer was all about being outside.  I could go as far as my bike would take me as long as I was home in time for dinner.  Nobody had cable, and video games were not nearly as exciting as they were today.

In an attempt to get kids off the couch and moving, Education Outdoors has come up with a fun line of games to combat these problems.  In addition, their products bring families together, encourage conversational and playful interaction, teach about the outdoors, and encourage curiosity and/or movement.  

In April, I told you about the game Camp.  Packed full of information, and the additional element of competition make for great family fun.  Today, I will share the game Snipe.  This is a get up and move, run around and have fun game.  It is a game of hide and seek that ensures that the legend of the mythical "Snipe" lives on for another generation.

For ages, Snipe Hunts have been a fun way to fool inexperienced campers.  Heading out to capture "snipes" is a fool's errand - a harmless practical joke/ rite of initiation.  If you have ever spent an night in the woods calling out for snipe you can finally capture your prize.

Behold, the box containing the snipe!!  Be careful, there are TWO in there!

Snipe Hunt Education Outdoors

At its core, Snipe is a game of hide and seek.  Open the box, and you will see a nest, two snipes and the instructions.  These are short and sweet.  The batteries come with the game, and are factory installed.  Just open the box, and play.  

Snipe Hunt Education Outdoors

Begin by setting clear boundaries, then choose teams.  Players must quickly hide their Snipe, then go and find the one belonging to the other player, or team.  I stress quickly because after it has been off of the nest for two and a half minutes the Snipe will begin to chirp.  The sounds become louder and closer together for the next two and a half minutes.  After five minutes off the nest, the eyes begin to light up and flash in addition to the noises.  This is a great feature to help reduce frustration in little ones and prevent boredom with bigger kids.

Once the Snipe is found, it must be returned to the nest and placed on its peg to stop the chirping.

The game can be played with two people, two teams or as a group with a single seeker.  We have also played as a group with a single hider, when everyone else had to go seek.  Play outdoors if you can, but staying indoors on a rainy day or in an apartment setting is just as much fun.  Try to place the snipes in dark places, or play at night to gain full appreciation of the light up eyes.

Snipe Hunt Education Outdoors

These are the two snipes, (named Biela and Smartin) and their Snipe nest. Save the box for storage, and to learn the story behind the legendary campfire animals. For more information, including a chance to view a .pdf  file of the rules, visit the website at, or visit the Snipe page on facebook.  The suggested retail price for the game Snipe is $24.99, and it can be purchased online though the website (PayPal is accepted) or from your favorite major internet retailers.

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