Friday, June 1, 2012

Squishy Baff Was on the @TimeToPlayMag Most Wanted #Toy List - Check Out This Fun Stuff From @SpinMasterToys

squishybaff boxes
Squishy Baff by Spin Master Toys
  • Available in Red, Blue, Green or Pink
  • Sold Online and in Select Toy Stores
  • Usual Retail Price is $11 - $15
  • Non Toxic, Non Staining
  • Turns Water to a Great, Squishy Gel
  • When Finished, Dissolve the Gel Back into Liquid
  • Contains 2 Color Packets, 2 Dissolver Packets and an Instructions Sheet
  • Contains no Irritants, and No Artificial Fragrance
  • Makes up to 8 Gallons of Gel
  • Named as one of Time to Play Magazine's 2012 Most Wanted Toys!

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Part of Asperger Syndrome, for my sons and many other children, is a difficulty with sensory integration.  I'm always looking for ways to help them with their sensory issues.  The great part about this type of therapy is that it can often be very fun, and we can often use household items.

This SquishyBaff from SpinMaster Toys is a great example of how incorporate therapy into our day easily, and without making a big deal about it.  All they know is that we are having fun, playing with some cool new stuff.


The kit comes with two packages of color, two packets of dissolving powder, and an instruction sheet.   SqishyBaff is super easy to use, but a word of caution - don't dump the powder into the water, or you'll get clumps of goo, like this:

squishy baff

Instead, follow the directions, and SPRINKLE the powder EVENLY over the water and mix it together.  When done correctly, it will turn out like this:


That's much better!  Any parent who has ever made the mistake of letting a baby in a disposable diaper get into the wading pool will recognize the texture.

The boys were a little bit tentative at first, but once they put their hands in, they were okay with it.

squishy baff

The white substance is used to dissolve the gel,m and here the boys give a short video presentation showing the transformation to gel and back to liquid again.

As you can see, it's fun, it works well as a therapy tool, and it is easy to break back down to a liquid.

The manufacturer originally intended this for use in the bathtub, and it would probably a blast for bath time with little ones.  Now that summer is here, it would probably also be a whole lot of fun in a backyard kiddie pool. We stuck to small batches and therapeutic use.

I am happy to report that the SquishyBaff did not stain, and it did not have any aroma.  (we are very sensitive to smell, here, too.)  It worked exactly as advertised, but be aware that it takes about ten minutes to fully form the gel, and about as long to go back to a liquid.

We liked the SquishyBaff, and will definitely use it again.

Spin Master markets many other fun toys, like TechDeck, FickTrix, Air Hogs, Moon Sand, and AquaDoodle.  Look for their newer games that incorporate Apple technology like AppBlaster and AppMates.

Spin Master is on the web at, on Twitter as @SpinMasterToys.

Have Fun!