Monday, June 25, 2012

The @KNex 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

K'Nex Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary Party at K'Nex is still going strong.

Have you entered to win any of these fabulous prizes?
  • One child (aged 7-18) will be going to six days of Space Camp compliments of K'Nex!
  • A whole family will enjoy a vacation at a Beaches Resort!
  • Kids who can find secret codes have a chance to win K'Nex building sets!
  • Fans are invited to join the Class of '92 and celebrate, too.
The details for these fun sweepstakes can be found at the website, - and while you're there, you can see all of the other fun stuff going on, like a contest to find the 2013 K'Nexpert, and the summer partnership with Nascar honoring our military.

We love K'Nex sets.  They spark creativity, and are great for developing fine motor skills, too.

The suggested building instructions that come with kits are wonderful for building patience, and enforcing how important it is to follow step by step instructions to get a proper outcome.  Building freestyle teaches simple concepts like distribution of weight, strong foundations, and planning ahead.

Kids really enjoy both the classic and the branded sets.  If they are looking for new challenges, the interactive website lets them download alternate plans for sets they have, or entirely new ideas made by combining kits together.

Here are two designs that were released this year.

K'Nex Rally Sport

The plane is called the Strike Force Bomber and comes with 137 pieces (including missiles that can be dropped down from a holding area!)  Alternate builds include a fighter jet, or a drone.  Suitable for ages 7 and up, the suggested retail price for this set is $13.99

The Rally Sport Racer is is a sturdy little model, and the wheels work well, too.  It is built with over 110 pieces, and can be converted to a pick up truck or a race car.  For ages 7 and up, the suggested retail price for this set is also $13.99.

If you've even looked all of their amazing made in the USA products, you know that there is something for kids of all ages, even adults, too.  These will always make a great gift, and there are plenty of choices in all price ranges.

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