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Blunders Board Game & Manners Mats Helps Teach Manners - @PatchProducts #autism


Teach Kids Manners With the Blunders Board Game!

  • A fun and memorable way to teach etiquette
  • For 2-4 players or teams
  • Ages 5 and up can play
  • A Patch Products Game
  • Award winning
  • Great for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
  • Supports the national curriculum in character development
  • MSRP is $24.99 buy online at
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We recently had the chance to try the Game Blunders.  This is a game designed to help build character and enforce etiquette.  As a mother of children on the Autism spectrum, we are always looking for ways to teach good interpersonal relationship skills, and I love it when I can use a game to teach potentially boring subjects.  This was perfect.  It's funny, it's silly, and it teaches good habits consistently.

Here is the Premise of the game.  There is a family, the Blunders, and they all need a bit of work on their manners!  If that were not bad enough, they also live in the same neighborhood as the Mannerlys, who have exquisite etiquette.  The last time the Blunders were at the neighbor's house, each of the children did something extremely rude.  Now they are all worried that they won't get invited back to the Mannerly's pool party!

To win an invite, players maneuver a place marker fashioned after one of the Mannerly children around the board and answer questions or perform tasks that prove they know their social skills.

Players will choose a character, then advance toward the pool party by answering questions related to either home life, play time, or dining.

The Game of Blunders comes with the following:
  • 300 Question Cards  in 3 decks; Play, Home, and Dine
  • 9 Table Setting Cards, to be used with some "dine" questions 
  • 4 Character Place Markers (Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder) with Stands, 
  • 2 Dice, (One with colors, the other with numbers)
  • A Game Board and a Blunders’ Story/Rules Booklet
The cards are divided into Play, Home, and Dine categories.  Each has it's own color designation.  If a player rolls green, they will prove their ability to play well with others.  Orange cards test what we know about household habits, and purple cards are for delving into table manners.
Playing Cards

Players may be asked a multiple choice, true or false, or scenario question.  They might also be asked to act something out.  sometimes, they will listen to a "good job" or an "oops".

Here is Boy One showing what he does during the singing of the National Anthem.

Blunders 3

Boy Two was the first to get his invitation to the Mannerly's party this day.  Success!

blunders game

These Manner Mats are very useful, too!

manners mats
Manner Mats are fun and educational tear-off placemats that teach kids table manners and social skills using entertaining games, puzzles and activities. Use them at home, or keep them in the car to use when dining out. Each pad includes 38 different tear off mats.

I liked these a lot.  I will mention, the answers are easy to see upside down in the same box as the question.  Because there are conversation starters, situations, knock-knock jokes, and other activities, I didn't think this was a big deal.

Look at all of the awards the Blunders have earned on their way to better manners!!
Blunders Awards
I'm not surprised.  These definitely get the "Our Village is a Little Different" Seal of Approval, too!

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