Friday, July 13, 2012

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – #ImaBzzAgent @JoeTheJuicer

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead - Reboot Your Life
  • The Story of Joe Cross and How He Turned His Life Around
  • Single Disc - English Language - Region One DVD
  • 97 Minutes 
  • Unrated Documentary
  • Released October 11, 2011
  • Passion River Studio
  • Directed by Joe Cross
  • Suggested Retail Price - $19.99
Joe Cross was at least 100 pounds overweight, and suffering from an autoimmune disorder that caused his skin to break out in terrible rashes.   He realized he was too young to be so sick, and decided to make some radical changes to his lifestyle.  

He calls it a "reboot", and it was pretty radical.  He began with a detox - and consumed nothing but raw juices for sixty days.  Oh - and he also decided to leave Australia, spend the first month in New York, and then travel across America to share his revelations.

Along the way, he filmed this documentary.  As you watch, you will see some of the hundreds of conversations has along the way.  One woman he meets is a migraine sufferer who did a ten day juice fast.  I loved her brutal honesty.  In the beginning, she was starving, and miserable, so watching her transformation was fun.

After Joe completes his 60 day fast and gets back to Australia he gets a phone call.  It was from Phil - a morbidly obese truck driver who just happens to have the same autoimmune illness as Joe.  The good news is, Phil is inspired to begin his own reboot.  His story is so sad, at the start that it made tear up a few times when I watched it.  It was easy to cheer him on.

The movie is entertaining, interesting, inspiring, and even fun to watch.  Overall, as a society, we don't make the best food choices, and it is nice to get some thought provoking information from time to time.  As a person who suffers with my own autoimmune disorders, I know that eating healthy and avoiding processed foods helps me quite a bit.

Raw juice is a wonderful idea, and fantastic way to get more servings of fruit in your body each day.  I'm definitely a fan of the juicer.  Increasing real fruit and veggies to our diet is great for most people, even if you "can't" (or won't) go through a reboot.  Joe does say at the end that it is about more than the fast.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important.  He considers and calls the fast a 'reboot".  A place to reset his body, and start over.  It also helps to acclimate the taste buds to the delicious tastes of fresh, raw, produce. He also is clear about the fact that he is under medical supervision.  This is especially important, since he is on steroids.  Steroids must be tapered, or a person could go into kidney failure.  Joe also had a bloodwork panel done every ten days so that his doctors knew he was not experiencing metabolic distress.  He did have wonderful results.  His cholesterol plummeted, and he was still young enough, and his vital organs were healthy enough to support the stress.  Phil also has a complete physical and medical supervision. Joe is quite honest about how difficult it can be to get started on this lifestyle.  There is a detoxification period, and he shows short glimpses of himself in bed, depressed, and wanting solid food.  He takes Phil away and isolates him for those first, difficult days. The DVD also has special features which include behind the scenes footage, testimonial, and deleted scenes. If you would like to learn more, you might want to visit the reboot your life website.  They have several plans, from a three day reboot to a Joe style plan.  You'll find lots of resources, support, and merchandise. I wish you good health. sig
As a BzzAgent, I was given a copy of this DVD to review and share with friends and family.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are always my own.