Sunday, July 22, 2012

Has Our Throw Away Mentality Crept into Our Personal Lives, Too?

Maytag_repairman1Remember the Maytag Man?  The joke was that he was so lonely, because nobody ever had any work for him to do.  Now he is lonely because when things break, between parts and labor, it is often easier to go out and buy something new.

We were watching a television program that aired in the 1950's when one of the boys remarked about the Mr. Fix-It character.  I guess to him, he was as foreign as a rotary phone or a butter churn.  It made me think.

The end result was an article published Friday on the Homeschool Mosaics site.  It was titled, Today's Disposable Mentality. 


I hope you'll go by and read it.  I can't help wondering if perhaps the way we view our possessions has crept into our relationships and our personal lives.