Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oz the Great and Powerful in Theaters March 2013

Disney is preparing for the March 2013 release of Oz the Great and Powerful.  The fantastical adventure film is a new perspective on this old favorite.

This story shows the viewers the origins of L. Frank Baum's very beloved character, Oscar Diggs.  (commonly known as The Wizard of Oz)  When the slightly unsavory circus magician is transported from Kansas to "somewhere Over the Rainbow" his first thought is that he has won the lottery of life! Then he realizes there are huge problems in this strange land.  With a combination of intelligence, illusion, ingenuity and a smidge of wizardry, too, he uncovers who is good and who is evil just in time to save the day.  Even more significant is what he learns about himself in the process.  Oscar becomes the Great and Powerful Oz, indeed, but he also becomes a better man.

I'm looking forward to this one!