Monday, August 6, 2012

A Look at the DVD What’s in the Bible? Volume One @WhatsInTheBible

What's in the Bible

Buck Denver asks... What's in the Bible? Volume One of Eight

  • This is the First DVD in an Eight Disc Series
  • Directed by Veggie Tales Creator Phil Vischer
  • Region One Usage - English Language
  • Animated, With Puppetry
  • Two 25 Minute Episodes and a Bonus "Short"
  • Released in 2011 by JellyFish Labs
  • Not Rated (My Opinion, Ages 6 and Up)
  • Dove Family Approved
  • Suggested Retail Price $14.99
  • Available for Purchase Online 
  • Church Edition is Also Available, and Customizable
  • Interactive Website with Study Guides, Videos, Activity Sheets, and More
the cast
I was not quite sure what to expect from the What's in the Bible? DVD when it arrived.  I knew that it was animated and that it used puppet characters.  I also knew that Phil Vischer, or Veggie Tales fame was a part of the project.  I assumed it would be for younger children.  I was pleasantly surprised as I watched and realized that it was actually more suited for children of about age six through Middle School. 

This non denominational look at the Bible is carefully designed to appeal to a wide range of Christians.  It incorporates humor and some music but in spite of the revelry, the sometimes zany cast of characters manage to discuss the Bible with slightly more depth than most of the material I have seen for this age group.

This particular DVD, Volume One: "In the Beginning" (Genesis) is broken into two 25 minute episodes. 

Part one is titled "What is the Bible?"   Aptly named, Buck Denver and his friends use this lesson to discuss the Bible, the actual book.  Kids will learn about the Bible's best-selling status, how it is put together, and more.   

The second episode is "Who Wrote the Bible?".  The content describes the way God inspired people to write.  There is also an introduction to Genesis as the foundation for all that follows.

It can be fast paced, but the delivery is catchy and the information sticks.  The website also has a lot of fun and free resources to go along with the lessons.  There are coloring pages, Bible flashcards, activity ideas, and more.

The What's in the Bible? series is an eight DVD collection.  Each disc can be purchased separately, as a full set, or download one episode at time from the website.  If you own and love disc one, and would like to have the set, the option to buy disc 2-8 is available.   If you are involved with Sunday School or children's religious education, there is a church edition available as well.  A special Christmas edition is sold separately.
You can learn more about this DVD and the whole series by visiting the website (  They also have a blog, a Facebook fan page, and a Twitter account.

As a member of the Homeschool Lounge Review Team, I was selected to participate in this review.  I received a copy of the DVD What's in the Bible? Volume One (Genesis)  for my personal use so that I could provide an accurate and informed review.  The opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are genuine.