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@ChickenSoupSoul Say Goodbye to Back Pain Book - A Review and One To Give Away

Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Say Goodbye to Back Pain!

How to Handle Flare-Ups, Injuries, and Everyday Back Health
  • Paperback Edition - 224 pages
  • Published May 22, 2012 - English Language
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Health Series
  • Written by Dr. Julie Silver of Harvard Medical School
  • Factual Information Regarding Back Pain and Treatments
  • Real Life Stories from People Have Experienced Back Pain
  • Suggested Retail Price $9.95
  • Available online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble
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In 2003, I herniated 3 discs in my lumbar spine.  A few years later, my husband did some damage to his lower back as well.  We are both familiar with both acute and chronic back pain, and it is certainly no picnic.  Flare ups can often cause severe pain for up to 3 months, and the accompanying sciatic pain, and numbness or neuropathy in the feet can really drive me to distraction!

If you've ever had a flare of back pain, you know that almost everyone you speak to will have a story and some advice.  Some of it is good, some of it is not so good.  

When I received this book, Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Say Goodbye to Back Pain, and saw it was written by Doctor Julie Silver, (an MD and Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School) I thought that was definitely a good start.

I looked through the contents and saw the chapter titles, and thought that it was a good array of topics.  

What is probably most appealing about the book is that while it delivers medical information, it is written in fairly easy to understand language, and the medical is interspersed with personal stories that will encourage readers and give them some hope.

The Chapters Are:
  1. Oh, My Aching Back!
  2. This Really Hurts!
  3. I'm Afraid This is Serious
  4. I Can't Live Like This
  5. Life Is Stressful
  6. Finally, Help is on the Way!
  7. Ahh... Sweet Relief
  8. Brush and Floss Your Back
I will admit, I smiled a little.  This is almost exactly my progression with back pain.  The first nagging aches and pains, gave way to serious pains, which led to a bit of panic when they wouldn't go away!  Then, a bit of worry.  Will it ever go away?  My boys were only three years old at the time, and  didn't have time for this!  How would I do it?  Stress, stress, stress, pain, pain, pain.  Finally, I had an MRI, a diagnoses and treatment.  Now, if I take care of my back, it behaves, if I don't.. Ouch!

The chapters have personal stories, and then some thoughts from Dr. Silver.  This is followed by some pages with medical information.  These are helpful  They take the big words like spinal stenosis - and translates them to regular speak, explain tests, show diagrams of what is going on in our spinal cord, list the different members of a typical health care team, address personal concerns, and show helpful exercises and relaxation techniques.

I liked the book, and have already put some of the advice to good use.

If you or someone you care about has a problem with back pain, you might find this book useful.  If you would like to try and win a copy, he publishers are generously offering one for giveaway.

Use the RaffleCopter form below if you would like to try to win, and be sure to follow the directions!  The form will close September 10th at 12:01 AM.

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