Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Love These @PuppetHeap Hand Puppets - A Review and One to Give Away!


When you see an amazing puppet in a movie, a TV show, or a commercial, the chances are good that was created by a Puppet Heap artist.

Puppet Heap Has Also Created the Spudbottom Series. 

These puppets are designed by the same artistic geniuses responsible for the creations in the video, but for ordinary consumers.  You will find them in toy stores or online for the suggested retail price of $19.99 each.

The Spudbottom residents are a motley but lovable crew.  In the cab, you see Mother Hubbard, and her dog Toby.  Poor Mother, she has not got two dimes to rub together, but her neighbors try to respect their elders - even if she is in debt to all of them!

As for Toby - he's quite a little prankster - the class clown on steroids.   Don't even try to tell Mother Hubbard though, because she won't believe a word of it, and thinks he's sweeter than honey.

The Cabdriver does indeed have tentacles and green skin.  It is safe to say that he is "out of this world".  Literally.  He moonlights doing odd jobs around town, and seems nice enough.  It's a pity nobody can understand him.

Oh, and the fellow with the long nose is The Doctor.  If you fall ill in Spudbottom, you would be better off going out of town than seeing him.  He is looking for a bride, preferably a society gal.  He stays locked up inside most of the time, which is probably best for everyone.

 Then, there is Lucy.  Is it okay to say "I Love Lucy"?
Maybe I'm destined to be a crazy old cat lady, because this poor, pitiful soul in her trap door footy pajamas and her eye patch won me over immediately.  She plays that little violin for pennies, and looks oh, so mournful.  It's not her fault that she sometimes is a little less than angelic.  It's that awful band of alley cats she hangs around with.  I'm sure that Lucy's heart is pure gold and she just needs a good and loving home.

This is The Constable.


The Constable is a very hard worker.  Always diligent, his eye is on all of Spudbottom, and he never plays favorites.  Honestly.  The fact that Mother Hubbard makes wonderful pies, and plump juicy sausages has absolutely nothing to do with why his unbiased investigations always prove her to be as pure as the wind driven snow.

We were sent our very own Constable, and we just love him.  The puppet is well constructed and made of washable, printed fabric.  The stitching is tight, and edges line up beautifully.    The true brilliance is in the details.  There is dirt behind his ears, a skin fold in the back of his head, rusted buttons, and an etched in frown.  These are just a few of many small, but significant things that make him, and all of the Puppet Heap puppets, special.

Even the boxes are a treat.  They are artfully decorated with the whole Spudbottom crew, and your puppet's story will be told on the back. Designed with an open bottom, a customer can "try before they buy" if they are in a brick and mortar store.  But there's more!  Once the puppet is removed, a secret code is revealed.

  The Constable box montage
We scratched off the coating, found a code and logged on to  It unlocked that top left door with the constable's picture, and we were able to see a video short featuring our character!
This is our Constable.  He's quite something to look at, isn't he?  And who could have put that terrible sign on his back side?  (I think the pawprint might be a clue!)
  Puppet Heap
There are also Limited Edition Puppets that become available for a short time, at a higher price, and add special interest for collectors. Currently, there is a Butcher, and a Priest.

  Butcher and Priest

I Love Puppets 

I know I have mentioned over and over again that my boys have Asperger Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism.  Once of their biggest obstacles is communication.  They have a difficult time understanding emotions, and need quite a bit of help with social skills.

Sometimes, expressing themselves can be so troublesome that it winds up in frustration and tears. We began using puppets when the boys were small, and we still do.  Although the cute and cuddly ones have been put aside, they still have two that are battered, worn, patched, and come with us almost everywhere.  The Constable was welcomed right into the fold, and he fits in perfectly!

I love that I have found a new line of puppets that are just right for a couple of ultra cool 12 year old boys.  I am confident we will be adding more of the Spudbottom Crew to our family over time.

Yes, we are crazy about the Spudbottom Collection!  If you would like to learn more about them, visit the Puppet Heap website, the Spudbottom website, read the blog, check out the YouTube channel, like their page on Facebook, or follow along with Twitter.

The Hand Puppets, Limited Editions, and Related Mugs can all be Found at the Spudbottom Store. (

 Here is one more reason to love them.  They have made a very generous offer, and one of my readers will win their very own Toby puppet! Isn't he adorable?  He's as cute as a button with that little tie of his, and he even comes with a doggybone.

If you would like to try to win Toby hand puppet, please use the RaffleCopter form below, and be sure to follow the instructions!  I never like having to disqualify entries! The form will remain open through September 2nd, closing at 12:01 Eastern Time on the 3rd.

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Good Luck!