Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Join @PatchProducts For an #AskAimee "Mind Your Manners" Twitter Party 9/5 at 9/8pm

twitter party

It is that time of year when many children are heading back to school.  For a lot of families that means sports, clubs, social  activities like birthday parties or playdates, and the day to day of navigation of the classroom, lunchroom and playground.

In celebration of the season, my freinds at Patch Products are hosting a Twitter Party that will highlight manners.  The Q&A portion of the party will be handled by Aimee Symington, a children's etiquette specialist.   She is also the creative mind behind the Blunders Games and Placemats.

This is your big chance to ask an expert's opinion on what to do when your house guest acts rudely, or your own child has a moment of embarrassingly brutal honesty.

All who attend will also have the chance to qualify for prizes, and afterward, each participant will be emailed  a discount code for the game.

I hope you'll  join the fun on September 5th at 9 eastern, and 8pm central time.  On the day of the event, use the hashtag #Ask Aimee to participate.

I hope you'll be a part of the fun,