Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Learn About Numenko - A Fun Math Game - in My Newest enterBRAINment Column #BackToSchool

It is back to school time for most families.    Studies show that the first few weeks of the school year are often spent backtracking and refreshing old skills that have lapsed over the summer.

This month, my enterBRAINment post on the Homeschool Mosaics blog is about numenko, a tile game that reinforces math skills without boring drills and worksheets.

numenko in a bag

The game was created by Tom Lennett when his daughter struggled with her math facts. Numenko has helped many children all around the world keep their number phobia at bay, and excel at arithmetic.

Read my post here, then visit the numenko website to enjoy the free resources and the blog.

While you are visiting, order a game for your family!  There is also a Facebook fanpage.