Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Flowers Family Press is a Useful Source for Solidly #Catholic Publications

Little Flowers Family Press  is a home based family publishing company dedicated to providing solidly Catholic materials for families and teachers.  Mrs. Rita Davidson, with some help from her family, does the page setting, printing, collating, covering, and shipping of the trustworthy tittles available in the online catalog.

There are resources for Catholic Homeschooling Families, which include catechism and character formation titles.

We read the book Catholic Reading Comprehension: Adventuring For God.  There were 19 inspiring stories of the saints included, and each had a chapter test.  There is a guide to pronunciation for harder words like Joigny and Prasnysz, as well as an answer key for Mom - Just in case..

There is also a selection of items titled Creating a Catholic Home and Concerns.

This book, Funny Bad Manners - Every Parish Has Them is a cute way to show children, (and maybe some adults!) through cartoons and limericks, the things to avoid.  For example, the family on the cover are the Sunday Stampeders.  They race out the door before faster than one can say "Thanks be to God!"

Readers will also meet Gossiping Gertrude and Late Coming Louie among others, as they learn the proper manners for Mass.

You will also find notebooks, prayer cards, calendars, music and books selected to help families who would like help with keeping their home Catholic.

It is not always easy to be the parents that we hoped we would be for our children.  The selections in the Guidance for Holy Motherhood and Character Formation  will help Catholic women who would like some encouragement.  Marriage, motherhood, parenting, strengthening the family, organization, and more.. even a little kitchen Madonna to inspire us when we feel too weary to do one more thing.

The selections chosen for Study of the Sacraments are not just for children.  There is even a virtues calendar and workbook available.

Mrs Davidson's greatest crusade is her desire to warn people about the consequences of immodesty.  One of her very own best selling titles is Immodesty:  Satan's Virtue.  Written to speak to many - from teens to adulthood, the language is gentle, but clear.   This second edition is currently out of print, but some copies are still available through the website.

There are also many more modesty and purity resources available, including instructions on how to have "the talk", age appropriate children's stories and companion coloring books, post cards, pledge cards, posters and even specially designed kits with a collection of resources.

It is never too early to teach our little ones about the faith, so be sure to see the Babies and Children's Items.  Here you will find coloring books, statues, games, cards, dolls and more.  Help teach youngsters the traditions, the stories, and the saints - while having fun.

In this sweet story book, Our Lady Goes a Maying - little ones are witness to a miracle. Children will want to you to read this to them over and over again.

You can also find the resources to make your own family altar, and items designed for use during the Holy Seasons, such as Lent, and Advent.

I would encourage you to visit the website where you can browse the entire catalogue to find these lovely titles - both originals from the Little Flowers Family Press, and older, reprinted titles that are still extremely relevant and useful in today's world.

You can also visit the "About Us" page to learn more about Mrs Davidson and her family.  They have an interesting and uplifting story - especially for anyone who may feel adrift, or short on faith.  This family has surely seen and felt the hand of God as they have embarked upon this ministry.

If you are on Facebook, The Little Flowers Family Press and Apostolates page is a great source of encouragement, or sign up for an email newsletter in the left margin of the webpage.


I was sent some LFFP publications in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions are genuine.