Monday, August 20, 2012

Merry Cherub will Delight Little Ones! An App by One Monk Clapping #iOS

Merry Cherub - An App Your Baby Will Love

Merry Cherub is an educational app designed by One Monk Clapping to teach your baby while soothing and delighting her at the same time.

When your baby touches the iPad (or iPod) screen, original animal illustrations will begin to reveal themselves.  She will want to see more, such as the beautiful bubbles, autumn leaves, sparkly stars, and the rippling water.  To create these effects she must continue to touch the screen - teaching her the concept of cause and effect.  The nature sounds and 18 different music selections are calm and soothing which will prevent overstimulation.

A screen that begins like this:

Will end up as the middle photo of the giraffe.  And you can see some of the other examples pictured below as well.

Once the picture is completed, the name of the animal will be spoken in English, and then in Spanish.  Parents have the option to upgrade to include additional languages including Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi.

Merry Cherub is currently $2.99(US) in the Apple iTunes Store and is compatible with iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.