Monday, August 27, 2012

The New St. Joseph Sunday Missal Helps Me Prepare for Mass @aquinasnmore #Catholic

The New St. Joseph Sunday Missal - Complete Edition

In Accordance With the Roman Missal
  •  Vinyl Bound and Gold Stamped
  • 1586 Pages with Treated Edges
  • Copyright 2011 - Catholic Book Publishing Company
  • Contains the New, Revised Liturgy
  • Complete Official Mass For Sundays and Holy Days
  • Cycle A, B, and C Calendars through 2029
  • Hundreds of Illustrations 
  • Easy to Read Print
  • Additional Prayers
  • Theme Discussion for Each Sunday's Readings
  • Suggested Retail Price $23.99
There are many reasons I enjoy having my own, personal missal.  Mainly it is because I like to prepare for Mass before I arrive.  This Saint Joseph Sunday Missal makes it easy.  In addition to having a complete calendar for every Mass and Holy Day through 2029, the readings are preceded by a short discussion.  I can read about the theme of the week, and usually some excellent reflective questions for quiet meditation are included.

We do have pew missals provided by our parish.  Although they are quite pristine on the first Sunday of Advent - they take a bit of a beating.  There are four services each weekend, so even as soon as Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, they begin to get curled edges, bent covers and doge eared pages.

I know that we are blessed to have them, as some parishes do not have the budget and the congregations share printouts each week .  Even so, it feels so much nicer to hold my own perfectly sized, comfortable missal in my hands.  I also prefer the sewn in ribbon bookmarks to markers sticking out of the tops of the pages.  It also allows me to make my own notes if needed.

Hundreds of illustrations are included, and there are even some beautiful, full color art reproductions.  This is a book that would make an excellent gift for any Catholic.  In my opinion, it would be especially fitting for a confirmation.

The book begins with a wonderful explanation why one should want and treasure a missal.  This is followed by an index and a key that explains how to follow along.  After the fine print and credits there is a preface that is worth reading even for a cradle Catholic like myself.  Next is the table of contents, the calender pages,  the Mass plan in writing, (from entrance to recessional) and some pages of general introduction.

Written clearly and with care, this introduction explains each part of the mass in detail.  These pages would be a great resource for anyone who ever wondered, "Why do the Catholics do that?"  

As  I wrote earlier, every bit of the Mass is in these pages.  There are also some well placed notes to help the reader see more clearly.  Beside an Alleluia, is this bracket: [Love and Salvation]  beside a reading, [Humility].  These can be found throughout.  What a kind and gentle way to keep one's thoughts focused!

The reader will also find The Holy Rosary including the mysteries, The Stations of the Cross, an overview of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a Proper of Saints, a Treasury of Prayers, several indexes, as well as the Wedding Mass and Rite of Marriage.

It is easy to see why those who own personal missals are so fond of them.  This Saint Joseph Sunday Missal is an affordable and durable version.  The print is easy to read, the pages are fairly sturdy with treated edges, and the vinyl, gold stamped cover will keep the pages protected, and is easy to clean.

Written in direct accordance with the Roman Missal and up to date with the 2011 revised liturgy, this is a solidly Catholic resource and I am happy to recommend it.

As a member of the Tiber River Review program, I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid to write this post, and my opinions are genuine.