Friday, August 31, 2012

Three Will #WlN Some TeenyMates #NFL Collector Toys

Meet the NFL TeenyMates Lineup

  • These Teeny Quarterbacks are Officially Licensed by the NFL
  • Figures are 1 inch Tall and Each NFL Team is Represented
  • Sold in Blind Foil Packs for Collector Interest
  • Each Pack Contains Two Quarterback Figures
  • Each Pack also Holds Two Puzzle Pieces
  • Fun for Play, Fun to Collect, Fun to Trade
  • There are Three Bonus Rare Figures in the Lineup
  • Build a Double Sided Puzzle - Football Field or Figures
  • Find TeenyMates in Sports Stores, Target, or Buy Them Online
  • The Suggested Retail Price per Pack is $3.99
  • Visit the Interactive Website for Information, News, and Games (
  • Fans can Like the Facebook Page, or Follow Lil' Teammates on Twitter

The NFL TeenyMates are fun for kids and collectors

Last year, I had the chance to do a review of the Lil' Teammates collectable figures.  I'm a huge sports fan, and just love them.  I have a few right here on my computer desk that I look at every day!  Now I would like to introduce you to their little brothers, the NFL TeenyMates.  

These little 1 inch figures are sold in these blind foil packs, adding excitement and surprise to each purchase.

Each pack has two figures like the ones seen above, and two puzzle pieces.  The puzzle is double sided - a football field on one side, and a poster of all the little guys on the other.  It is amazing how much detail these TeenyMates have.

All 32 NFL teams is represented.  Their small size makes it easy to collect them all and keep them organized.

In addition to the 32 quarterbacks and the 34 puzzle pieces, there are 3 rare figures.  A green glow in the dark QB, (rare) a "throwback" QB, (very rare) and a metallic gold QB (ultra rare) add extra incentive for collectors.

These are my six TeenyMates.  Aren't they great?  They are standing on a completed puzzle.

The puzzle pieces fit together to make a football field on one side, and a montage of the 32 QB figures on the other.  The completed puzzle is 5x7 inches.

There is a check off page in each pack, too - so it is easy to keep track of what you have, and what you need.

As a sports fan, I think the TeenyMates are a great addition to the current blind pack collector lines that are so popular right now.  They have a very affordable price point, so they can be used as toys (for children aged 4 and older) or as collectables.

Thanks to the generosity of the company, THREE lucky readers will each win THREE foil packs of TeenyMates for themselves.  If you would like to be entered to win, please use the Rafflecopter form below, and follow the directions for each entry.

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Good Luck!