Monday, September 24, 2012

@AnytimeCostumes Has A Great Selection of Scary Skeleton Costumes for #Halloween 2012!


The Emperor of Evil Costume From Anytime Costumes

  • Includes: robe, hood with attached cape, drape, gloves, belt, mask and medallion 
  • Available in Boys Sizes from Small (4-6). Medium (8-10) and Large (12-14)
  • Regularly Priced at $27.99 (Currently Available for $23.79 With a Promo Code)
  • $6.99 Shipping on Orders Below $60 - Free Shipping with Orders of $60 or More

My twins are 12 this year, and they are currently enamored with all things gross.  When we began discussing Halloween 2012, the verdict was in - the more frightening, the better.  When Anytime Costumes asked us to review a scary costume my boys were more than willing to oblige!.

There were quite a few scary skeleton costumes to choose from, but they both thought that this Emperor of Evil Costume was the best.

emperor of evil
We placed our order and we waited.  For a day.  Talk about fast shipping!  Of course, results will vary, and  we must live close to the shipping center.  The point is - they attend to orders right away and I was thrilled at the fantastic service.

As quick as a flash, Boy Two had the outfit on.  How do you like this ghoulish look?

Although the colors may vary, the design was what he hoped for, and looked great on.  It has a sort of Sith look and we are Star Wars fans!  We will be removing the pendant for our personal use.  We did not realize the design is of a pentagram which is usually associated with witchcraft and spells so we will substitute a plain chain in its place. Otherwise, all was well, and I think he even preferred the red to the purple  - especially in the hood.

Here is the mask, close up.  It does not cover the whole face, but I'm told it is much more comfortable than a full face mask.  Boy Two has decided that a bit of smudged face paint will do nicely for his chin.

As a homeschool mom, I never like to miss an opportunity.  If you have a child who likes the same frightening things that my boys do, you may want to check out this cool skeleton tutorial with information about the human skeletal structure.  It even has quiz questions!

Halloween is almost here!  When looking for inspiration or ideas, the Anytime Costumes Website has a fantastic selection for everyone - boys, girls, adults, and even babies and toddlers!  Take a look around, but be aware that there are some adult costumes on the site, and use caution while browsing with your young ones.

Happy Halloween!