Thursday, September 13, 2012

@App_Gear Adds 360 Degree Fun to App Gaming With Alien Jailbreak (Plus Give Away)

Turn Your App Gaming Fun Up a Notch with AppGear Games

  • Works with Apple or Android
  • Free app creates a 3D world 
  • Great Play = bonus upgrades
  • Play solo or mulitplayer over wifi
  • Average Retail Price $9.99 (device not included)
  • Kid friendly - cartoon shooting 
  • 360 degrees of fun - walk around the set up for more angles
  • Work through levels and scenarios
  • Visit the website, like AppGear on Facebook or Follow on Twitter

This is Alien Jailbreak

As you can see in the photo, the game comes with:
  • Two collectible figures
  • An AR cube
  • Two AR markers
  • One quick start guide
To play the game, you must download the free app onto your smartphone and assemble the cube and markers.  Then, turn on the app, and look through your phone or device at the cube and markers.  The cube becomes a structure, and the markers become weapons!  It's fantastic!  What is also fun is that you can see your objects melded into the virtual reality.  

The premise of the game is that the universe's silliest aliens have escaped from their prison.  It is a very funny story, and not at all scary or threatening.  The player's job is to use the weapons and space patrol ship to stop them before they get away.  Don't waste any time or they will use their mind control powers to get away.

I like to set the game up on a table where I can easily walk all the way around.  Having 360 degrees to work with helps when the aliens are behind the buildings or in tough to reach places.

This is what the game looks like through the app.  It adds depth and I have control of the angle.  You can also see the edge of the table and the book integrated into the scene.  I couldn't figure out how to take my own screenshots, otherwise I would show you some of the funny ideas we came up with.

Adding to the fun is the ability to change the battle by simply moving the markers (weapons) to new positions during play.  The weapon choices include gun turrets, warp generators, electric barricades or tesla coils.  If I play well, I am rewarded and may upgrade and customize the weapons.

The missions do not take long, and so far it has been fun, but not frustrating to progress trough the levels.  A combination of strategic moves and accurate shooting get the job done and keep the universe safe from the escaping aliens and their battle alien robot bosses.  If you have wifi, it is possible to play with friends as a team or head to head.

The generous people of AppGear are allowing me to offer a copy of Alien Jailbreak for giveaway.  

One lucky reader will win a copy of the game.  You must have your own Apple or Android smartphone or device, and it must have a camera.

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  The form will close October 1st at 12:01 AM Eastern Time.  Please follow the directions carefully so that all of your entries are valid.

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Good Luck!