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Back Up Better Products Can Decrease Blind Spot Related Tragedy - Please Read and Share (With Give Away) #KidsAndCars

Back Up BetterTM  - An Easy, Affordable Way to Decrease Blind Spot Related Tragedies

  • Products are Inexpensive
  • Easy to Install
  • Visibility is Greatly Increased
  • Created by Parents, For Parents
  • Well Tested by Real People
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Have you ever had one of your children break free from your hand in a parking lot?  I have, and although it was a matter of a few seconds, it felt like an eternity.  I watched, helplessly, as he ran behind a row of vehicles consisting primarily of minivans, trucks, and SUVs.  (Does anyone drive sedans anymore?) His head was passing UNDER the rear windows, and no driver could have possibly seen him.  My heart was in my throat until he arrived at our car, safe and sound.

That afternoon left a serious impression on me.  My answer at the time was to buy harnesses so my active toddler twins would never break away from again.  I also began a new parking habit.  I would park further away from the mall or store, away from the majority of foot traffic, and when possible, I would park so that the front of my car was forward, and I wouldn't have to back out of the spot.  I couldn't bear the thought of a child running behind my car!

According to a study by,  here in the United States of America, at least fifty kids are the victims of backover accidents each week.  FIFTY KIDS.  EACH WEEK.  That is sobering.  Even more tragic -at least 2 of these children die.  Usually, these accidents occur right in their own driveways - and the driver is a parent or a relative.  I can't even begin to imagine living with that terrible sadness for the rest of my days.

Lawmakers have become aware of the problem and have drawn up bills - but as you can imagine, the proposed solutions are extremely expensive and will be difficult to implement.  

Rather than waiting around for politicians - Anthony Nestora, and Joseph Feigenbaum took matters into their own hands.  They have made the Back Up BetterTM  products widely and easily available.   They had friends and family test them and try them out and the reviews are all fantastic.

I add my two thumbs up as well.  It does take a few times in the car to adjust to the new view, but once you are accustomed to the products, you will never want to be without them.

Here is why you want to order yours now:

  • The best part is that the products work and can save lives.  
  • Most people can outfit their car with mirrors and a window lens for about $22.00.  
  • The cost for an oversize vehicle would be about $37.00.  
  • For added protection, add a back up alarm for less than $15.  
  • They are so easy to install, almost anyone can do it.
It is definitely an investment work making.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me show you.

Here is a graphic with the statistics:

The Back up Better Rearview Lens

The photo below a pretty typical site in suburbia.  On our street there is always at least one child playing on a bike or a scooter in his driveway.  Unfortunately, anyone who gets into this car will NOT see the child if he looks in his rear-view mirror and does an over the shoulder check.

Here is why.  Notice in the photo below what the standard field of view is vs the view with a rear view lens.

With the Back up Better Rearview lens, the driver's view would look like the next photo.  Easily applied with just a little bit of water, this lens will greatly improve visibility.

Back Up Better Rear View Lens

The price for an 8x10 Rearview window lens that would fit a car, minivan, or other mid sized vehicle is $14.99.  If you have an oversized vehicle, like an Escalade, Suburban, or a Sequoia you would need the larger 11x14 version, which is priced at $23.99.

The lenses are made of a thin layer of PVC.  They will attach to a clean window with just a little bit of water.  They come off easily as well.

The Back up Better Add-On Blind Spot Mirrors

Let's look at that same driveway scene from the side view mirrors.  That exact same scenario would look like this in the side view mirror.

It would look like the photo below with an Add-On Blind Spot Mirror.  It really makes a remarkable difference.  These are so easy to apply.  Just peel and stick, and you are ready to go.

Add-On Blind Spot Mirror

For small and midsized vehicles, there are either rectangular 1.5x2.25 inch mirrors or ones with curved edges  that are 2.25x2.25 inches.  A pair of these are only $6.99.
The larger vehicles will need larger Add-Ons.  The rectangular ones measure 3.75x2.25 inches, and the square ones with curved edges are 3.25 by 3.25 inches.  These sell for $12.99 a pair.

The Back Up Better Back Up Alarms

Vehicle Back Up Alarm

Just like the alarms you hear when a large truck is backing up, these Back Up Better Back Up Alarms will begin to beep when you put the car into reverse.  It is loud enough to garner attention, but not so loud that the neighbors will complain.  An alarm is $14.79 and can be installed at home, or by your mechanic, if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.

This is what the products look like in their packaging.  They come with instructions sheets as well as the instructions on the packaging.  The instruction sheets have a few extra hints about preparing the window or the mirror for installation.  (I did not receive an alarm, so  I cannot show you that here, but there is a photo on the website.)

I do not think I can stress enough how much I love these products.  They are smart, they will keep kids safe, and they are an exquisite example of what happens when people see a problem and decide to do something about it.  

I am also thrilled at how easy they are to install, and that at these prices everyone can afford them.

I was sent one extra 8x10 lens, and one extra 11x14 lens that I would like to offer for giveaway.  The 11x14 lens will also come with the set of mirrors in the photo above.

Because different people will need different sized lenses depending on their cars, please be sure you are using the correct Rafflecopter form to enter.  The givewaways will close at 12:01 AM EST on September 24.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!