Monday, September 17, 2012

Little Ones Can Do Big Things, Too! - Available This Week From @VeggieTales

Little Ones Big Things

Veggie Tales Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!

  • Single Disc - English Language
  • 120 Minutes
  • Unrated - Family Friendly
  • Animated - Christian
  • 120 Minute Compilation of Stories and Song
  • Bonus Features and Silly Songs
  • Scheduled for Release on September 18th, 2012
  • Available At Christian Booksellers, and Through Online Retailers
  • Suggested Retail Price $12.99
  • VeggieTales are on the web, Facebook, and Twitter
Unfortunately, there are times in our lives that make us want to go to bed and cover our heads.  Sometimes, a situation may seem huge and impossible.  Kids really need help with how to handle things like bullies, or peer pressure, or the struggles they have understanding family rules. This collection of Veggie stories and songs remind us that even Little Ones Can do Big Things, Too!  

The song, Little Guys Can do Big Things, Too, was the inspiration for this compilation.  There are some cute interviews that were done with real children, and then put to animation.  These are interspersed with the Veggie Videos.  Viewers will see Junior face up to Gordon, (the playground bully) and Dave defeat the Giant Pickle.  Lyle the Viking teaches his friends to be kind, and Gelato teaches Pistachio that a Father's rules are made lovingly, and for guidance. 

The bonus features include:

  • Footage of real kids answering the interview questions melded in with the animated versions of the answers.
  • Larry Visits a Puppet Theater
  • How to Draw Goliath (From Dave and the Giant Pickle)
  • Sing Along Songs "Big Things Too" and "Where Have All the Staplers Gone?"
  • Previews for Other Great DVDs and the Upcoming Veggie Cruise

As the Veggies say - "Don't forget that God made you special, and he loves you, very much!"