Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MegaBloks First Buliders Twinkle Castle and Farm @MegaBloks

MegaBloks First Builders

Mega Bloks First Builders Twinkle Castle and Farm Sets

  • Colorful and Fun for Little Ones
  • Extra Theme related Pieces
  • Instructions for Completing Scene Included
  • Castle has 65 pieces, Farm has 95 Pieces
  • Both Sets Include Stickers to Complete the Scenes
  • Target Ages 1 - 5 Years Old
  • Both Come with a Handy Storage Tub
  • Textured Tub Top Doubles as a Building Table
  • Blocks are Compatible with Other Sets
  • Suggested Retail Price $44.99 (Each Set Sold Separately)


This is not the first time I am writing about how much I love Mega Bloks for both fun, and developmental skill building.  Mega Bloks Toys Provide so many benefits!


Look at all the considerations that go into each First Builders Creation.

mega bloks 01
These special building tubs have a lot of room inside, and they have open handles, making them easy to carry.  On the left, is the Twinkle Castle, the Farm is to the right.

megabloks 02

Here are the contents, unpacked and arranged by color.  Please note that there are stickers, special figures, and an instruction guide included.  There is also a textured top so little ones can stand up and build right on the top of the tub.

megabloks 01

As a parent, I was able to appreciate the amount of communication required to get the set completed as designed.  There is also quite a bit of problem solving involved.   Thee communication includes a lot of very direct language.  "Let's look for a big pink block with four bumps." and some thoughtful questions as well. "Where should we put the pony?"

The final product came out fantastic, for both sets!  The stickers add a very nice touch.  The blue pieces on the castle are very sparkly and the tiaras pop up when each princess is put into her place on the set.

MegaBloks First Builders

Here is a closer view of the farm.  you can see all of the stickers.  They look great!  Also included are the cow, sheep, farmer, chicken, and tractor.  It is a very bright and colorful set.

MegaBloks First Builders

I thought both of these sets were fantastic, and would make a wonderful gift for little ones.