Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mega Blocks First Builders Bags - Imaginative Play and Valuable Skill Building @MegaBloks

Mega Bloks First Builders - A Perfect Choice for The Serious Business of Play

  • Safe Building Toys for Ages One and Up
  • Each Bag Contains 80 Pieces
  • Wheels and an Attachable Base For Added Creativy
  • Pieces Can Combine With all Other First Builders Kits
  • Convenient Carry Bag Zips Closed and Has a Sturdy Handle
  • Blocks and Bag are PVC Free
  • Choose Bright, Basic Colors or Calming Pastels
  • Perfectly Sized for Little Hands - No Choking Hazard
  • Build or Sort for Many Learning Opportunities.
  • Suggested Retail Price $19.99 per Bag
  • View the Product Details - Mega Bloks First Builders Bag
If I were to show you photos of our house when the boys were toddlers, you might think you were looking at a preschool or a day care center.  We took all of the furniture out of the living room and dining room, put down soft interlocking floor tiles, and filled the rooms with things that would address the boys' sensory needs, and toys that would encourage imagination and planning.

We have always loved to play with MegaBloks.  Even when the boys got older and began to appreciate more intricate sets, the basic MegaBloks never went out of style.  They make super solid structures, and they build UP quickly.  This is important because kids like BIG!

When they were little, it was so great to hear the proud exclamation, "Look Mommy my tower is bigger than me!!"

Through the years, Mega Bloks creations have been the centerpieces of many interesting stories.

And with props, they became even more fun than before.

Building is a fantastic kind of play for kids on the autism spectrum. (like my boys)  They are using their imaginations, they are planning, problem solving, and building - plus - they are using the fine motor skills that they need so much work on!

Toys and play can definitely be used as a form of stealth therapy.  The children don't feel burdened by it, but they are getting so much work done!   With Mega Bloks, kids are accomplishing many of the goals on their occupational therapy and critical thinking lists without even thinking about it.

MegaBloks could have stayed exactly as they were when my boys were in diapers, and still remained a popular toy choice.  Even so, most great companies grow and change with the times, and Mega Bloks is no exception.  They have the perfect toy for kids of all ages, and adults, too!

Here are what the First Builders bags (that will be showcased in this post)  look like:

The bags make it easy to clean up, carry, and store the blocks.  They have sturdy handles and a strong zipper, too.

Each bag has 80 pieces which come in various sizes.  There are also 4 wheels and one piece which they can attach to.  Choose bright colors or pastels.  These Big Building Bags have a suggested retail of $19.99.

As you can see in the photo below, the blocks are a great size for a toddler to manage.  Still, most little ones will need some help, which provides a great chance to spend some floor time together.

Before the building and tearing down begins, it is possible to fit in some sorting exercises.  For example, "Lets put all of the pink pieces together.  Wonderful!  Now let's do yellow."

When I play with little ones, I continue to name colors and shapes as we go along.  For example, I might say, "I am going to use this Purple block.  It is shaped like a long, think rectangle, and it has four pegs on top!" or "Let's make a wall that is only green!"

When it is time to build, let those little fingers get some good exercise as they pick up, assemble, and disassemble pieces.  This is also a good time for problem solving.  "What kind of block will I need to put here?"

Look at the photo below!  Do you see how high this tower is getting?

This little guy is a bit young for engineering lesson on wider bases and foundations, so we cut him some slack and just helped to hold the tower in place until he was ready to topple it over.

Little minds can think up great things when they are allowed to.  As soon as we put a car together using a wheel base, his next thought was that it needed a garage.  This is a very impressive garage, if I do say so myself!

As your collection of First Builder Blocks grows, you may be interested in watching some of the YouTube Building tutorials that are posted up on the MegaBloks channel.

If you have a iPhone, and iPod Touch, or an iPad, You may also like the brand new (free) app that also has tutorials.

Visit the MegaBloks Website at and check out all of the great sets, including branded kits with Hello Kitty, Skylanders, Spiderman, and more.

Social media fans can follow @MegaBloks on Twitter or "like" the Fan Page on Facebook.

Have fun!