Monday, September 3, 2012

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Moved by Faith: Stories from American Catholic Radio

  • Paperback Volume - 144 pages - English Language
  • Published by St. Anthony Messenger Press (April 3, 2012)
  • Author - Judy Zarick
  • Suggested Retail Price - $12.99
  • Available for Purchase from The Catholic Company.
Have you ever thought to yourself, "What the world needs is a ministry for _______."?  If you have, you have something in common with the extraordinary people you will meet through the pages of this book.  The stories have been told during the weekly Living Faith segment on American Catholic Radio, which the author hosts.

Each story relates how, when led by faith, people have turned their pain or life changing experiences into something that can bring goodness to others - or make the world a better place.

It is really quite moving to read about people who do.  So many people have mastered the art of wishing, or complaining, and even of wallowing in pain.  Others refuse to be passive.
As it is written in James 2:17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.
Some of the stories are heartbreaking.  The very first one is about an ambulance technician who was on duty four times in a short time span when babies had been abandoned and left to die.  I could scarcely breathe, let alone imagine it - but this man is now responsible for the safe haven laws that have saved so many babies.

Others are heartwarming.  A parish got together and did their very own home makeover for a woman who was made quadriplegic after a car accident.  No corporate sponsors, no TV cameras, just love and compassion.

There are eight chapters - each building on a different theme.  The stories are followed by a short afterword about the main character(s).  The chapters conclude with some questions for thought and reflection.

This is an easy book to read.  For a person like myself who doesn't have time to sit and devour books cover to cover anymore, the short story format works so well!

I found this book to be inspiring and uplifting.  Sometimes it is easier to dwell on the negative things we see around us.  Stories like the ones on these pages rarely get the attention they deserve.  This is such a wonderful reminder that there are still plenty of good and selfless people in the world.

The author mentions in her introduction that she was concerned that she would never be able to find enough people to fill the time slot for her radio show each week.  How wonderful that she has had no shortage of contributors from every walk of life!

It is no good waiting for things to change.  We have to be willing to take the steps ourselves.  How is God calling me?  Could He be calling you?

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