Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nerf Fire Vision Football - Lights Out, Game On! @NerfNation

Nerf FireVision Football is Tons of Fun

  • For kids ages 6 and up (For Easier Catching)
  • Includes one Foam Football With Microprism Technology
  • Includes two Pair of FireVision Frames (One Red, One Green)
  • Light Can be Seen for Over 100 Feet (in Darkness or Low Lighting)
  • Suggested Retail Price for This Football Set - $19.99* 
  • Also Available:  FireVision HyperBounce Ball ($9.99* - One pair of Frames)
  • Also Available:  FireVision Nerfoop (Basketball) ($14.99*  One Pair of Frames)
  • Also Available:  Additional FireVision Frames ($5.99* Each - Red or Green)
  • Buy Yours at Most Toy Retail Locations Nationwide
  • Carried Online by Amazon, Target, Walmart, ToysRUs, and many other (dot)com sites
*Prices may vary by location

Last month, I got a package.  My boys brought it in the house and let me know that I had received something from BzzAgent.  They were mildly curious, but had no idea the fun that they would have with what was waiting inside.

This was perhaps the most fun Bzz Campaign EVER - Nerf FireVision Football!  I could barely get this picture taken before they had it out of the package and into their hands!

As you can see, the football has what look like white lines on it.  With the glasses, and the aid of Microprism Technology, these light up when they are viewed through the FireVision Glasses.  It is a very cool twist on one of America's favorite sports.

Boy One and Boy Two Couldn't wait to try these out.  They didn't let a little daylight stop them!  This is what the players look like when they have the glasses on. 

The frames come with the batteries installed.  They turn off and on with a small switch. 

Finally, it occurred to them to take it into their playroom, where they have blackout shades.  It was way more fun!

Boy Two is holding the football. Because of the FireVision Frames, what we see as white, they were seeing as a glowing red or green. This effect can be seen for 100 feet or more!

Dusk barely fell before they went outside.  Luckily, it doesn't take *much* darkness for the FireVision effect to work.

They haven't stopped having fun with this game, since.

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Have Fun!

I am a BzzAgent.  I was sent this product at no cost with the hopes that I would share our experience.