Thursday, September 20, 2012

Remote Control Fun With The Orbeez RC Ladybug Scooper


Remote Control Fun With Orbeez

  • The Ladybug Picks Up Orbeez Beads Through Her Mouth
  • She Releases the Beads Through Her Back End (Like Poop!)
  • Lights Up and Chirps While Cleaning Up the Pellets
  • Empty a Packet of Pellets into Water and Watch the Polymer Beads Grow
  • Comes With 2,000 Orbeez in 10 Colors to Grow at Home
  • Requires one 9 Volt Battery and 4 AAA Batteries
  • Batteries are NOT Included
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $34.99
  • Available for Purchase Online and in Many Retail Locations Where Toys are Sold 
  • Designed for Ages 5 -15
  • Orbeez Beads are Non-Toxic, but Should NOT be Put Into Mouth or Nose

ladybug 02

This Remote Control Ladybug is the latest offering form Orbeez

Orbeez are soft, polymer beads that come in many colors and are used to add a special touch to ordinary things such as lights, jewelry and toys. There are many Orbeez products on the market, and to be honest, the little beads are fun all by themselves.

When you purchase the Orbeez RC Ladybug, you will get everything you see here.

What is included

There is a ladybug, a remote control unit, the packets of Orbeez, instructions, and a booklet with information about the beads, and ways to use them.

The ladybug requires assembly, but not much.  Her wings snap onto her back with one push, and I think I had to put the antennae on as well.  The process was so effortless, I have already forgotten the details.

The ladybug and RC unit will require batteries, so be sure to have a 9Volt for the RC controller, and 4AAA for the bug.

The toy can be used without the Orbeez.  As a remote control unit it spins and whirls while the lights flash, the eyes move, and it makes cute chirping noises.  It is simple to steer and the controls are chunky - a great size for little hands.

Growing the beads takes a little bit of time.  

Choose a color (or colors) and add them to a bowl of water.  They will begin to absorb water and grow right away, but will need at least four hours, and overnight is better.

This is what they looked like after about an hour.

first hour

This is how they looked after soaking overnight.

Soaked overnight

They aren't exactly the marble sized pellets in the picture, but they are a little bit bigger than a pea.  It didn't matter, they were plenty of fun to play with.  They are soft, bouncy, and a great sensory toy.  After I strained the water off, and let them sit on a paper towel for a little while, we played with them as they were.  The sensation was cool, a little bit wet, and very slippery.  I made a mental note to keep these in mind for their therapeutic value.

Shake a little salt in the water as they grow, and store the Orbeez in a Ziplock bag or a covered bowl to keep them fresh.   They can last for up to a month.  They slowly dehydrate, and shrink back down.  It is suggested they can be used in plant soil to keep plant roots moist.

As you see in the photo, a few Orbeez are squished and smashed.  The good news is, they clean up easily and didn't stain the floor.  I might hesitate to use them on a carpet though.  We have some wood floors, an optimal surface for using the Remote Control Ladybug.

Here is how it went.

She picks up the Orbeez using a spin brush in her mouth that looks a lot like a vacuum.  It takes a few passes to get them all, and as you can see, the ones that get run over by her wheels do not fare well.  When she is full, the beads come out quite a bit easier  I should have grabbed the camera before she was almost empty.  Little ones laugh like crazy when she "poops".  (even my tween boys thought that part was fun!)

The best audience for this toy seems to be young girls ages 5-8.  They don't get bored with it, and love how "cute" it is.  The boys have had some fun making up obstacle courses and many other things for which I am sure this toy was NOT intended, but they do have fun with it, too.

Check out the Orbeez Facebook Page, and their website for more information.