Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Mega Bloks Spiderman and Lizard Techbots are Cool and Therapeutic, Too! @MegaBloks #autism

Mega Bloks Has Amazing Spiderman Building Sets

The Techbots are a Fun, Medium Difficulty Build
  • Choose Spiderman, Stealth Spiderman, or Lizard Techbots (sold separately)
  • Great for Ages 6 and Up
  • Pieces are Interchangeable with all Techbot Models
  • Figures Stand About 10 Inches Tall
  • Built In Disc Launchers 
  • Suggested Retail Price - $14.99 per Kit
  • Visit the Mega Bloks Website, Like them on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter

This is what the Amazing Spiderman and the Lizard Techbots look like.

We had the chance to build the Lizard Model.

(If you are scanning the store shelves, look for this packaging.)

In my post about Mega Bloks First Builders, I wrote about the endless possibilities for imaginative play.  As children get a little bit older, they have new skill sets to develop.  They also enjoy building recognizable characters for play and/or display.

In this post, I will take you on a photo journey through our build, and point out some of the secret, built in benefits that come along with these toys.

Here, Boy One is starting the project.  He has opened the box, sorted the pieces, and checked to see that he has everything he needs.  

Stealth life skill - He is learning how to prepare.  Proper preparation is the key to success in so many things - from making a sandwich to building a house!

Next he checks the directions booklet, finds the pieces he needs, and assembles them as instructed.  Children often want to dive in and "just do it".  My boys have learned the hard way that this often leads to tears, frustration, and most often, taking the entire model apart and starting from step one.  Now they take their time, double check, and make sure their work is correct.
Stealth life skill - My father used to say "measure twice, cut once" when we were building something.  He also liked to say, "The lazy man gets double the work."  It is much easier to slow down, take some time and care, and do a job correctly the first time.  Rushing in impulsively usually leads to an unfortunate result.  When they become members of the work force, I hope they are organized, and careful.  

As an RN, I know very well the importance of checking and double checking.  A mistake in my field could have a disastrous, even fatal end - but in all jobs, care is important.  Ask a banker who put a decimal in the wrong place, or a contractor who measured improperly how much EXTRA work, severe stress, and lost time these errors created.

Here you can see how he uses fine motor skills to build the model.  Children of all ages need to develop these fine motor skills, but this is especially important for children on the Autism Spectrum.
Stealth life skill - We have done many Occupational Therapy sessions and countless exercises to strengthen the pincer grip, and increase  hand strength.  None of them have ever been as fun as this!  The best part of all, as he builds, he has no idea he is doing "therapy".  He is also crossing his hands over each other to grasp pieces fairly easily, and sharing the work between both sides.

Finally, the project is almost complete!  This is where my boys really have to resist the urge to hurry.  It is so close to completed, and they are anxious to play with the finished product!  In this case we did have one minor problem at the end, and he was perplexed as to why the tail wouldn't go on properly.  When he asked me to look at it, I saw the problem, and it was a quick and easy fix.  He just needed to move a piece down one space. Whew!

Stealth life skill - The child asked me for help!  That may not seem like a big deal, but for these boys, it is huge.  They are perfectionist, and they tend to get into a frustrated and upset cycle rather than asking for help.  I don't think there it is possible to get through life without a little bit of help sometimes.  I am glad they are starting to see this.  The courage to let go of pride and humbly ask for help when we truly need it is a sign of strength - not weakness.

Finally, the Lizard Techbot is completed!  A job well done is a wonderful thing, indeed!  The sense of accomplishment  and the payoff of having the thing that was envisioned before the box was even opened builds self esteem, and even better, opens the door to a lot of  fun!

Life Skill - This one isn't stealth at all.  There is no hiding the fact that it feels good to finish and be rewarded for the work put in!

The Mega Bloks Lizard Techbot is ready to terrorize New York!  He can launch that disc, too - with a little bit of help.  Isn't he a fine looking model?  I also like that the pieces stay together even if the boys play rough.
Collect all the Techbot models, then mix and match the pieces for imaginative play.  They are all designed to work together.

Mega Bloks has building kids for toddlers, boys, girls, and adults.  Visit the website and see how many fun products they have.  You can find so many popular branded items, from Thomas the Tank Engine, to Need for Speed, from Hello Kitty to Halo.