Monday, October 22, 2012

Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops

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Original Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops

  • Available in Wild Cherry or Natural Honey (Look for Licorice Soon, and Lemon - Citrus Next Year)
  • Purchase in the Value Sized Bag or 32 Drops or a Puck With 26 Drops
  • Suggested Retail Price is $3.49 - but Prices May Vary According to Location
  • Made With Natural Ingredients - No Harsh Menthol
  • A Gluten Free Product  - and Only 5 Calories per Drop!
  • Provides Temporary Relief for Sore Throats and Mouths

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Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops have a long history.  They were first marketed in 1870!  Try to imagine America when Ulysses S. Grant was the president and only 39 million people called this country home.  The original Pine Brothers had a confectionery shop in Philadelphia, and it was there that they created the first batch of these throat soothing drops.

When Mr. Pine and his family were all suffering with sore throats, he decided to put some of his knowledge to good use.  He used glycerin for its soothing properties, added in gum acacia for healing. then mixed in some natural flavoring and sweetener to make it more palatable.
"I have discovered something," Pine wrote, "which will give quick throat relief to thousands afflicted as I was." He added,"Perhaps I won't make much money out of this. But I can make people happy, and that's more important than money."
 Little did he know that his unique creations would still be in stores today, 140 years later!  Although ownership has changed hands a few times, the recipe stays the same.

I was sent some of these throat drops to try at home.

Pine Brothers 02

Yes, that is an amazing amount of product, so I became the throat drop fairy.  Everyone I have encountered has received some drops in exchange for their opinion.  I even mailed some to friends around the country.

The preference was for Wild Cherry, in about a 60/40 split.  The drops do not have a candy taste, but both flavors provide a little bit of sweetness, and the honey drop does have a slightly more medicinal  taste.

Because they are gummy, I would advise anyone with dental issues that they do get a bit sticky.  Of course, they are not meant to be chewed, but sometimes the mouth and the brain don't cooperate.   As a drop dissolves, it will be coating and soothing the throat and mouth.

The timing was good, since I did have a sore throat the day they arrived.  Although there is a slight aftertaste, it is not unpleasant.  I also noticed that I could feel the light coating in my mouth.  It was a definite departure from the hard mentholated drops I am used to.

I am happy to report that I absolutely felt some relief in my sore, scratchy throat. I was able to swallow a bit easier, and the burning sensation dulled for about an hour.  Since we have at least a month left to our allergy season, this is good news.

Here are some thoughts from friends:

These are definitely my new favorites!
I love them, but they stick to my teeth.
I'm so excited that they are Gluten-Free!
These worked great on my sore throat and quieted my cough, too!
I'm so glad that there are drops with no menthol!
I had never seen them before...they are pretty tasty.

To be fair, I have to include these comments as well:

There is not enough wild cherry flavor.
I can't help but chew them, and then they stick to my teeth.
They taste good and work well, but the coated feeling in my mouth makes me want to go brush my teeth
One of my friends, who has the most amazing singing voice also told me that she loved Pine Bros. drops and used them all the time when singing to keep my mouth and throat moist.  She is not alone.  Pine Brothers even has a special offer - they will provide FREE drops for professional opera singers.  I love that!

Finally, I want to mention the packaging.  The value bag is made with lined paper of a good weight to keep them fresh, but the bag is not resealable which means you will need a clip to close the top.  The round pucks screw shut to keep fresh and are the perfect size for a purse or backpack.

You can like the Pine Bros. Facebook here,  and click here to follow them on Twitter.  If you like and follow, you can take parts in giveaways and contests all year long - and as you can see, they are a very generous company!

The Pine Bros. drops can be purchase from their website, or in many retail locations, like CVS pharmacies, Safeway, Shop-Rite, Walgreens and more.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.