Friday, October 19, 2012

The Hotel Transylvania Video Game for DS

Hotel Transylvania for DS box art

Hotel Transylvania for Nintendo DS

  • Based on the Characters From the New Movie, Hotel Transylvania
  • Works in DS, DSXL, 3DS and DS Lite Handheld Games
  • Rated E10 (Everyone ages 10 and up for mild cartoon violence)
  • Suggested Retail Price $29.99
  • Released September 25th by Game Mill Entertainment
  • Created by WayForward
 Hotel Transylvania for DS is a fun new game that is fairly easy to learn but not dull to play.  Featuring the characters from the movie that is currently playing in theaters, the gamer will direct Mavis through the hotel to complete well defined tasks that will help her to get Johnny back from the evil Chef before he becomes a main course.

The game play is very basic, which makes it a great choice for younger children.  I enjoyed the animated graphics and the music choices, too.  Dialogue is all done in speech bubbles, so reading skills are required to obtain the directions and appreciate the clever moments.  The feel of the game is not terribly scary or creepy, despite the theme.

There are powers that can be gained with good play - like the ability to cast spells, walk up walls, and change form.  It is also nice to have different areas to explore, and plenty of interaction with other characters.

We took into consideration that this game was meant for younger children, and then decided that while it was fairly easy for my guys, it would probably be considered a mid difficulty game for the target age group.  Because a player progresses by completing objectives rather than winning battles, it is not a violent game.  It wears an E10 rating - probably because of the vampires and monsters.

As you can see in the video we made, it is quite mild:

It is possible to progress through the levels fairly quickly, which makes it a good choice for a fairly new gamer.  It comes with a very low frustration level.