Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Zing Z-Tech Cross Bow - @Zing_Toys Makes a Great #Gift


 The Zing Z-Tech Cross Bow

  • Shoots up to 45 Feet When in Power Mode
  • Shoot in Short Mode or Power Mode
  • Three Soft Scution, Stick Anywhere Zarts Included
  • Also Includes a Target for Accuracy Practice
  • Designed  for Use With Children Ages 8 and Older
  • Store Extra Zarts on the Bow While Not in Use
  • Suggested Retail Price $24.97
  • Available in Wal*Mart Stores
Zing Z-Tech CrossBow
We are big fans of Zing Toys.  These shooting toys are so much fun and also fairly safe - even for use in the house.  When we play outdoors, the Zart projectiles really fly, and are easy to spot because of their bright orange color.  Inside, the Zarts fly through the air and stick to walls and ceilings for a short while, then without any pulling or tugging, they drop off of their own accord. The Bow comes with three Zarts.  The Extras clip right to the toy for easy access and reloading.

The Z-Tech Cross Bow was released to Wal*Mart stores in August, and it has a new feature.  This cross bow can switch from short range mode, (which will fly about 35 feet) to PowerShot Mode which adds a ten foot increased shot distance.  In Power Shot Mode Zarts can fly up to 45 feet.

Here you can see Boy One demonstrate.

I am including this as a great Holiday gift choice for grade school children and older.  Visit the Zing Toys website for more great gift ideas.  If you are active with other social media, you may want to like their Facebook page, or follow @Zing_Toys on Twitter .