Sunday, November 11, 2012

@AnnVoskamp 's One Thousand Gifts Devotional - Sixty Lovely Reflections

1000 gifts devotional

One Thousand Gifts Devotional : Reflections on Finding Everyday Graces

  • Written by Ann Voscamp
  • Published by Zondervan
  • 256 Pages - English Language
  • Available in Hardcover or Kindle
  • Due For Release on November 20th
  • Suggested Retail Price - $14.99
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This beautiful devotional book is a follow up to Ann Voskamp's 1,000 Gifts:  A Dare to Live Fully, Right Where You Are.  The original book touched the hearts of so many readers and taught us to find reasons for gratitude no matter what our circumstances .  These sixty studies are written in the same warm and loving language.  

Each devotional begins with a passage of scripture.  The paragraphs that follow are an invitation to see the world through the author's eyes.   Words come together to reveal her thoughts, questions, observations, and even her flaws.  There is no superiority here, just honesty.  Chapters end with a prayer, and an area for the reader to jot down their own thoughts and/or prayers.  

If you are not familiar with the 1,000 Gifts book or Ann Voskamp's writing, I would encourage you to use the links I have provided above and get to know her through her blogging, Facebook, or Twitter.  She is the wife of a farmer, and homeschooling mother of six.  Her ability to find joy in simplicity, and reasons to thank God even in times of trouble is a blessing that she selflessly shares.  

I love that the release of the book is November 20th, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  A perfect token of appreciation for a hostess, and a great Christmas gift.  You can pre-order your copy right now from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.