Monday, November 12, 2012

Cell Lock Up - Enjoy Your Family This Season Without Digital Distraction! @CellLockUp


EB Brands Cell Lock Up - Families Should Be Talking - Not Texting!

I snapped the picture below in 2007, at a family gathering.  I was struck by the image, and should have known it was only the tip of the iceberg.  This was the good old days of  flip phones, and texting using the numbers on the keypad.
  November10, 2007

Since then, we have all gotten smartphones.  Now we have email, internet, and apps right at our fingertips, 24/7/365.  There is a quiet tug and almost irrepressible urge to reach for the phones whenever there is a lull in conversation.

Here is a Clever Way to Get the Family to Put Down the Phones!


The Cell Lock Up from EB Brands makes the cell separation fun.

  • Fits up to Six Phones Easily
  • Prison Overcrowding is Also Possible
  • Put the Phones in Bunks or Stanchions
  • Set the Timer for 15, 30, 45 or 60 Minutes 
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Room for Charging Wires Prrovided
  • Fun Sound Effects
  • Sentencing, Jail Breaks, and Freedom Announcements
  • Suggested Retail Price $19.99 (prices may vary)
  • Not a Toy for Young Children
Because it is a fun gadget, family and friends are more likely to part with their precious digital companions.  The announcements are great for a laugh, and anybody attempting a jailbreak will be called out on it!

Some of the sounds are hard to hear on the video, but you can check them out on the cell lock up website.  At the top of the page, there they have all of the sound bytes available, just click where it invites you to try the hilarious sound effects.

On Saturday night, we had a family dinner to celebrate my niece's birthday.  Here is the lock up as the prisoners were loading up.  (it is a good idea to turn the ringers off) 

EB Brands
Here they are, locked in, while the family enjoyed cake, conversation, and good times.

EB brands

I think this a great gadget for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, and maybe even my CCD class - where my eighth grade students break into a cold sweat as they turn off and hand over their phones. Hmm.

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Happy Holidays to You!