Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chilly #Christmas - A Great Holiday Movie for Pet Lovers!

Chilly Christmas

Chilly Christmas:  Fetch Some Fun!

  • A Family Friendly Holiday Movie
  • Not Rated - Probably Best for Ages 8+ 
  • Dove Foundation Family Approved
  • Single Disc, English Language, Region One
  • Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment 11/6
  • Feature Presentation - 84 Minutes
  • Suggested Retail Price - $19.98
  • In Stores and Available for Purchase Now
Bobby Cole has a problem.  He has a very cool dog, but the dog is only about a year old and a bit of a handful.  The dog, Chilly, was Bobby's best Christmas present last year - and now, he may lose him.  The problem is that Bobby's father has been offered a job in New York City.  It is a fantastic opportunity, but it will be a huge change from the Southern California life the Coles are living now.  

Patrick (Bonny's father) explains to him how different it is when a dog has to stay indoors and can only be walked on a leash.  Bobby is sure he can train Chilly before it is time for them to move, but Mr. Cole is skeptical.  Things are not looking good for Chilly, until he proves his worth on Christmas Eve.  The Coles have been targeted by a thief, and on Christmas Eve, there is a break in to steal - Chilly!  Bobby and Chilly have a wonderful opportunity to show how well training has been going, and to thwart the robbery as well.  

This is a fun family movie, and it has some stars you will easily recognize.  C. Thomas Howell, Tom Arnold, Karan Brar, and Brooke Langton all have a part in this lighthearted holiday tale.