Monday, November 19, 2012

Cooking Mama Combo Packs for Wii and DS @cookingmama_us #HolidayGift

mamas 2 pack

Mama's 2-Pack for Wii

  • A Majesco Entertainment Release
  • Play Either World Edition or The Cook Off Games
  • There are 3 Modes for Play
  • Create New Recipes or Compete in a Cook-Off
  • Enjoy Mini Games, Too
  • Rated E (For Everyone)
  • Released August, 2012
  • Widely Available for Purchase
  • Suggested Retail Price 29.99
I love to play with Mama, but have only experienced the DS games before this.  I really enjoyed using the Wii remote to help mama cook on the big screen.  Both games are a lot of fun.  The recipes require the player to complete tasks one at a time.  Going through the step by step process of cutting, grating, mashing pouring, mixing, etc. - finally produces the lovely finished product.

As all mothers know, even well planned time in the kitchen can get a little crazy.  The food may begin to burn, pets, kids, or the phone might interrupt our culinary flow.  The mama games have some of these surprises built in, so be prepared.

Mama has foods from 10 different nations, and the screen graphics have real-time effects which make it kind of believable - for a cartoon.  It is like real cooking with no mess to clean up!  Choose from all new recipes including desserts and appetizers, main dishes and sides.  There are even Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies!

There are three player modes: Cook with Mama, Let's Cook or Cooking Contest.  With 300 ingredients to choose from, I could create amazing recipes.  Two player gaming is possible.

Majesco has also released two combo packs for the DS with the same E rating, and same suggested price.

mamas combo pack 1

Mama's Combo Pack Volume One and Two for Nintendo DS

These are great choices for the Nintendo DS!  With a lot of levels and a hundred mini games to play it is fun to pretend to Mama's son or daughter.  Each has a kitchen game, where the player will prepare foods.  Volume One has the original Cooking Mama paired with Camping Mama.  Players go build a fire, swing on jungle vines, collect shells, climb a rock wall, or participate in many other camping adventures.  Settings include the forest, the mountains, or on the water.   Settings also switch from day to night, and include changing weather, too.  Hidden surprises can be used to help with future games or to help make the camp more homey.

Volume Two has Dinner With Friends paired with Crafting Mama.  In the first game, Mama and her finicky friends taste each dish after it has been created, and then judge it.

In the crafting game, if it is not obvious, you will make beautiful creations, sewing, painting, folding  beading, etc.

The games are fairly easy to play, while still including some problem solving and critical thinking for younger children.

These combo packs are a great idea for a holiday gift.  Twice the fun and the same price as a single game.