Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Sleep Number is 40. Do You Know Yours? @sleepnumbersara


The Sleep Number Bed - Personalized Comfort

  • Sleep on Air and Adjust Each Side Individually 
  • Adjustment is Silent - Don't Wake Your Spouse
  • A Variety of Styles and a Wide Price Range
  • Pillows and Bedding are also Available
  • Personal Attention and Assistance in Bed Selection
  • Live Sales and Product Owner Support Available
  • Financing and Special Offers are Available
I recently had the opportunity to visit a Sleep Number store in my area.  I had never tried one before, but as a member of Smiley360, I was invited to go and find my Sleep Number.

The first thing I learned was that there are different types of Sleep Number beds.  You can see them listed below.

Our local store was in a shopping mall.  I brought my husband with me, and we were immediately greeted by the friendly and professional staff.  I explained to the saleswoman that I was visiting as a Smiley360 member, and she was very helpful.  She explained the technology, and invited us to take our places on the bed.

After bringing the firmness all the way down, she then began to increase the number for us.  First me, then my husband.  When we each felt comfortable, she asked us to stay on the bed for a few minutes.  We found that we needed a few minor adjustments, but when found our perfect fit, we were surprised to find out that we both had a sleep number of 40!

As a thank you gift for participating in the promotion, I was sent a Cool Fit Comfort Pillow.  Made with memory foam, and a special cooling gel technology, I have noticed that my neck feels much better with this contour pillow.  I don't notice any cooling sensation - it is more subtle.  I haven't felt hot, the way memory foam often makes me feels and I can tell the foam is "breathing" by the lack of sweat on my neck.  I am very happy with this pillow.  It has a suggested retail value of $129 - so it is also a very generous gift.

You can purchase a cool fit comfort pillow in a non contour design along with several other styles including an adjustable version.  Bed linens, mattress covers and other accessories are also available.

This was a great mission, and my husband and I are both seriously coveting one of these beds now!  I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and have had a lumbar discectomy.   My husband is currently suffering with 2 herniated discs.  It was not easy to get up and walk out of the store, and there is a good possibility we will be Sleep Number Bed owners in the future!

Thanks to Smiley360 and Sleep Number for this opportunity and the Cool Fit Comfort Pillow