Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paddle Duck in Where is Carrie Cat? An Interactive iPad App

paddle duck 01

Paddle Duck in Where is Carrie Cat?

  • Fun, Interactive, Educational
  • For Ages 18 months to 4 years
  • Parent and Child Bonding
  • Sounds, Colors, Surprises
  • Combines Learning and Activity
  • For iPad Only
  • Published by PaddleDuck
  • Buy from iTunes for $3.99
I just received some information about a cute app that looks like it would be great for toddlers.  This educationally interactive story lets kids interact with Paddle Duck and be apart of his adventure to find Carrie Cat on Gabby Goat's Farm.

paddle duck 02


  • Shared reading 
  • Adult/child interaction 
  • Active participation and connection 
  • Listening, discovery and movement 
  • Introduction to sequential numbering
paddle duck 03


  • Read, Sing, Count, Clap and Dance together throughout the App 
  • Ask questions to arouse curiosity - encourage your toddler to wonder what might happen 
  • Encourage discovery - “what might happen if you tap the stars”? 
  • Prediction - e.g. where might Carrie Cat be? What might be in this tree? 

paddle duck 04

Information for Parents

  • PaddleDuck Learning Apps have a secure area for Parents to access Facebook sharing, sharing links and links to our website. 
  • All Apps come with a full set of learning notes and suggestions for parents and caregivers to help get the most from the App 
  • Apps are created by parents, qualified educators, professional musicians and a published author 
  • PaddleDuck Apps do not collect/share any users’ personally identifiable information 
  • Apps will not display Ads 
  • There are no in App purchase options

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Visit the website: paddleducklearning.com

I have not used this app, nor was I paid to write this post.  It is for informational sharing purposes only.