Sunday, November 4, 2012

Perfect for Babies and Toddlers - The Tranquil Turtle From @Cloud_b

Tranquil Turtle™ by Cloud b

  • From Cloud b – The Makers of the Twilight Turtle, Sleep Sheep, and Other Gentle, Soothing Products for Little Ones
  • After this year's Toy Fair Debut – Tranquil Turtle Has Quickly Become A Parent Favorite
  • The Combination of an Underwater Light Effect, Gentle Wave Motion, and Soothing Sounds Will  Create the Effect of a Seaside Oasis
  • These Soothing Effects Help Little Ones Drift Calmly Off to Sleep
  • Includes An Illustrated Storybook, Adoption Certificate and Endangered Sea Animals Guide
  • Suggested Retail Price is $45.00
  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • See the Other Cloud b Products at
  • @Cloud_b on Twitter and Also on Facebook
  • ***Do NOT Place in a Crib With an Infant, or Allow an Infant to Play With This Product While Unattended.***
Many parents throughout the ages have dreaded bedtime struggles with their children. For many little ones the separation from parents and transition to sleep is upsetting.  The tears come from both the babies and the adults.  The advice is always conflicting, and ranges from let them "cry it out" to co-sleeping.

Many families have found the answer to their troubles in a simple purchase from Cloud b. Their products have won awards from the toy industry and accolades from parents for helping children of all ages get the sleep they need for healthy development.

This year, they have introduced the Tranquil Turtle.  I love it so much that I use it myself when I need some time for calm meditation.


The turtle can be used with just the motion lights, the sound and the motion lights, or the sound and a nightlight - without motion.

The lights create an underwater pattern on the walls and ceiling.  the motion effect can be turned off, and the glow becomes a simple nightlight.  The sounds are the ones heard by the seashore - waves crashing, seagulls, and an ocean breeze.  There is also an option to play a calming melody with the sea noises heard quietly in the background instead.  

Both the sound and the lights can be adjusted to the best volume and brightness for your needs.

If you take a look at the photo below, you can see some of features up close.

cloud b

The light is located inside a durable, smooth shell and the buttons to control the functions are on the outer shell.  Underneath, on the turtle's belly, is a flap that closes with velcro.  This is where the battery housing is found as well as the main on/off switch and a wheel which is used for brightness control.

A little bookletthat comes with the purchase has a short poem/story about the Tanquil Turtle, the directions for using him, and an adoption certificate.  It also gives some information about other sea animals that are currently considered endangered, and what can be done to help them.

There are five buttons on the shell.  These are used to start and stop the light, select a sound choice, if desired, turn the motion effect on or off, and the small ones are for volume up or down.  Another great feature is the low battery warning.  When the batteries are running down, the turtle will begin to blink its light signaling it is time to change them.

Beautifully made from quality materials, the Cloud b products make a sweet addition to a child's bedroom or nursery, and they are gender neutral so that all children can enjoy them.

If you visit the website you will see their wide variety of products. I just love the snug rugs, plush pillows, and sound and light toys. 

more cloud b

Here is some information that I am paraphrasing straight from their web page:

Cloud b makes award-winning products which are developed in consultation with an Advisory Board of pediatricians and specialists with a single focus: to achieve a better, safer sleep for your child.  Their devotion to innovation is matched by our passion for design and style. Cloud b uses only the finest materials to ensure the quality and elegance that your child deserves.

Cloud B is also dedicated to providing less fortunate children the quality sleep they deserve through product donations and financial contributions to charitable organizations nationwide.

If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift, or a Christmas present for a little one, now is a great time to buy.  Shipping anywhere in the continental United States is only $3.99

The Tranquil Turtle definitely earns a spot in this year's Holiday Gift Guide.