Tuesday, November 20, 2012

@Skintrium Flawless Face Clarity Under Eye Peptide Gel #skinbrightening


Skintrium Skin Care Products

Skintrium is a very unique skin care company.  Their products are designed to deliver bright, flawless skin by  lightening and evening skin tones.  The result is a flawless, radiant appearance. Whether you have freckles, age spots, sun spots, under eye circles or dark knees and elbows, the company has a product for you.

There is a lot of interesting information on the website.  Check out the FAQs, the skin education area, or sign up for the newsletter.  You can also become a fan on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.   By following or becoming a fan, you will be privy to any news, contest/ giveaways, special discounts, skincare tips, special offers and the first look at any hot new products.

As you browse the website you will see all of the amazing skin and body formulas.  Also, shoppers earn bonus points - one for each dollar spent.  After accruing one thousand bonus points, Skintrium will reward loyal shoppers with a $50 store credit.

The products are made to keep skin looking young  and fresh, and each one has some special benefit.

Pictured below is the Fair and Flawless Collection.


The products you see are designed to nourish the skin.  As they work, they are also lightening skin tone, dark under eye circles, or age spots.

I have always had circles under my eyes. I think I was born with them.  I was thrilled to try the Fair and Flawless Under Eye Peptide Gel.

eye cream

Clarity Under Eye Peptide Gel

This light, non greasy formula works on the dark circles under the eyes.  In addition, it moisturizes the skin and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The result is brighter skin and  younger looking eyes.  I was able to see a noticeable difference in about 10 days.

The gel is so easy to use.  I just dotted a little bit around my eyes and then patted it in gently.  Available in a .5 ox jar, it appears it will surely last me several months. A jar costs $78.97.

From the website:

The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate with few sebaceous glands. That’s why it’s less resilient, and more prone to fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles that can make you look older than you are.
This amazing dark circle eye cream nourishes and supports the fragile skin around the eye. You’ll quickly notice you look younger, refreshed. Fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. The skin looks brighter, smoother. With continued use of your new favorite under eye circle cream, you’ll find the skin actually becomes more firm and elastic—and the years drop away. Truly a miraculous product.
The Fair and Flawless collection includes a fine variety of items for the face and body.  These products offer luxurious cleansing and moisturizing while adding gentle lightening and brightening to the formulas.

If you are looking for less dramatic effects, but would like to even your skin tone, the Skin SoHo collection would be a great choice.  It woks well on age spots and freckles!

I am very impressed with the quality and the results from this fantastic eye gel!  If you have a lady in your life who likes high end skin care items, I think a gift card to Skintrum would make a great present.